Sep 3, 2008

the woman with the magic hands

Monkey was born with Torticollis, which literally means twisted neck. Basically one side of his neck was tighter than the other, as well as the opposite hip. So upon learning about his Torticollis, we got him set up with a physical therapist. (I believe that my kids are therapy magnets - in the 5 years I've been a parent we've had 10 different speech, physical, occupational and developmental therapists for the kids...)

I was a little skeptical about his therapist at first. She's a bit older, and has the appearance of a possible all-natural, tree hugging ex-hippy. And her clinic was just a 100 year old house with a rounded front door and asbestos covered ceiling (ok, I really don't know if was asbestos.) All of this is fine and I have no discrimination towards ex-hippies or century old houses, I'm just more of a latest medical knowledge "what's the newest treatment" kind of person.

My skepticism deepened once the therapy started. I was expecting stretching or massaging of some kind. Instead, she laid Monkey (who was then 3 or 4 months old) on a table and put her hands in him. Really. That's all. And after a few minutes she started saying, "Oh that's better," and "There it goes."

I came home from therapy that day and when my husband asked, "So, what did she do?" All I could think to say was, "She put her hands on him?"

Because really, that was all she did. Really.

It only took a few sessions for all of my skepticism and ex-hippy prejudices to melt. Monkey's Torticollis disappeared AND it improved his posture.

So, a few weeks ago when I started noticing Monkey tilting his head again, I knew who I was going to call. (Torticollis can return anytime during major growth - so, like, the first 3 years of life.)

This morning was his appointment, and once again I was amazed with her skill. Monkey wandered around the room playing with random toys while the therapist followed him and -you know- put her hands on him. She'll have to do it once, maybe twice, more and he should be back to normal (until another 6 months has gone by and he has grown more or if its because it's caused by something his eyes...which is probably the culprit anyway.)

But amazingly still was what happened after I told the therapist about Cheeks' head. Our Pediatrician had mentioned that her "soft spot" appeared to be closing early, which can cause odd head growth and brain squashing (a total medical term.) Our other kids have had mondo-big heads, so brain squashing was never an issue. But, aside from chub, Cheeks' head is quite proportionate, so I was a bit concerned. However, after only 2 and 1/2 minutes of (free) therapy, the amazing "hand on" therapist says, "That's better. I'll see her again when you bring Monkey next week, but she should be fine."

I tell you - the woman has magic hands.

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