Sep 19, 2008

inspiration from motherboard

Over at Crazyland, Motherboard is always posting wonderful ideas to make someone else's day. I think she is amazing and obviously WAAAAAY nicer than me. (That really goes without saying, and everyone who actually knows me will agree.)

But, she is very inspiring and even I couldn't resist being nice....just this once. I didn't take someone to lunch or write a note to a teenager or even move my neighbors garbage cans for them (even though I just heard the garbage truck leave...)


The kids and I made rice krispy treats with strawberry marshmallows and cut them into hearts. Then attached a baggy of pink krispy hearts to a tag written by my daughter that said "Best Bus Driver" and had her give it away. To the bus driver of course.

The man never smiles. I can imagine that possibly it's because he has to drive around Kindergartners all day. But I was hoping that by giving him the personalized treats he would be a bit less grumpy today.

Thanks for the inspiration Motherboard. It worked. Not only did he smile, but he gave me a thumbs-up (which is a totally non-grumpy thing to do.)

By the way, Motherboard is having an excellently stupendous give away for her blogiversary. (And just so you know, I did this nice deed before I noticed the give away, not that I'm above brown nosing.)


Motherboard said...

Aww shucks! Yer nice! :>

Claire said...

you def deserve a medal or some kind of prize for being so nice to someone who's so grumpy! It's easy to do nice things for nice folk... not so if they're mean.

Hell - i'd be mean for some of those treats you were making! sounds delicious...