Sep 3, 2008

see, i'm a genius

Last night Husband and I went out on a dinner and Walmart date – we lead thrilling lives. The main stipulation for where we ate dinner was that it had to be somewhere we would actually HAVE to eat with a fork. Usually our dinner dates include the whole family, and Happy Meals win the favorite meal vote.

So we went to the Cracker Barrel for some delicious comfort food. For those of you who have eaten at a Cracker Barrel know how they have those fun little peg games on each table.

Basically you have to jump and remove the pegs with the goal of leaving only one peg. I have never accomplished this before. (In my defense, we don’t go to the Cracker Barrel a lot...and I'm really not that clever.)

But last night, I picked it up, and while carrying on a complete conversation with Husband I did it! Without effort, I cleared the board and left one peg!!! See, I AM a genius. It turns out that I just don’t have to try so hard…or maybe my mouth just has to be moving at the same time. I don’t know. But it was amazing.

And now I have vowed never to play that game again. (It probably won’t ever happen again and there’s no way I’m losing my genius status!)

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