about ME

This is me....on a good day.  Because do you see that smile?  If it were a bad day I'm sure there would be spikey teeth coming out of that mouth instead of a grin.

Also, I usually wear pants.

But I do spend a good deal of time with a headache.  Hence the screw.

And now that we have the picture description out of the way, here's some more about ME:

I am married, I work (A LOT) from home, I don't do dishes, I sometimes get to leave my house, but I rarely shower.  I'm an artist/graphic designer/business owner.  Also I gave birth to four kids in just under five years.  And then I waited six years, freaked out that my kids were all getting older, and then had another baby.

Basically, for blogging purposes, I'm pretty self-absorbed and fairly insane.  But that's ok, because if you made it this far through my obnoxious bio, then you're not exactly the shining example of mental balance either.  SO LET'S BE FRIENDS!

If you want to contact me, then let me tell you, I never answer my phone.  Not like I'd put my phone number here anyway - but just know that you've been warned, if you somehow get a hold of my phone number you will get my voicemail.  Or you can be smart and email me:

melissabastow AT hotmail DOT com

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