CURRENT projects and places to BUY MY ART

This is where you can see all of my digital clip art and party printables. I add new things to this shop regularly. 

  I draw embroidery and applique designs that are digitized and sold by awesome companies like Hang to Dry Applique, Sew Embroidable, MunchKyms, and Applique Forum.


Sometimes I like to crochet (binge-watching Netflix while I do it) and then sell the patterns after I create something new. This does NOT get updated regularly.

I have made lots of LDS printables, handouts, games, and other fun stuff at Mormon Mommy Printables. However, this also does NOT get updated regularly.  

You can get t-shirts and mugs and aprons and shoes - I know, SHOES - who would have thought you could ever get some shoes designed by me? It's like a dream come true....for both of us.