Jun 9, 2014


I used to blog all the time.  And then I got burnt out.  And then blogging changed.  And now I just leave snarky comments on facebook posts and call it good.

But I still miss blogging.

And I miss my blogging friends.

So today I will blog.  For a minute.  I guess.

Let's talk about summer.  My kids are out of school now, and so it's officially summer whether or not the calendar, or solstice, or whatever, agrees.  Summer starts when school gets out - that's fact.

Not all of these kids are mine....but we like to pretend.

This summer I'm feeling particularly lazy.  Like, "Hey kids, go play outside by yourselves, Mommy is busy eating this popsicle".  Or "Hey kids, go play video games in the other room, Mommy wants to read these 17 books by 5:30".  Or "Hey kids, why don't you sleep in anymore, don't you know Mommy requires quiet in the mornings?"

But as dominant as my laziness is right now, I also remember that my kids are getting old REALLY FAST.  Way way much really insanely too fast.  And how many more summers will there be that they want me throw water balloons at them, or make animals out of that foamy paper stuff, or tell me about every single bug they found outside?

I'm running out of summers.

And it makes me sad.

So I've promised myself to be a little more involved this summer.  Like when they ask me to go outside with them, I'll do it.  I mean, I can still take my popsicles and books out there, right? 

But I still think I require quiet in the mornings.  Because if I don't get to sleep in, then it's just not summer at all.