Sep 3, 2008

something to achieve

In two years our family is going preservative free - - ok, maybe more like 80% preservative free.

Right now we live off of Hamburger Helper, frozen ready-made dinners and the ever popular and extremely healthy Happy Meal. My justification: I just have too much to do right now.

Yes, I know that other women can handle their kids, can 2 years worth of peaches while organizing ward craft night and cleaning behind their refrigerators in one afternoon. But I'm not "other women" and running a business, managing a home and taking care of 4 kids has over-filled my plate without all that extra....stuff.

But I do feel bad that I'm feeding my family all that unhealthy and unnatural crap.

Hence the two year goal.

In two years my kids will be older, more helpful and less demanding. Husband will be licensed and making more money (so I can hopefully lay off of my work for awhile.) And, most importantly, it's WAY in the future and I am the queen of procrastination.

So when 2 years rolls around I will be growing my own vegetables, canning my own fruit, making my own jam, and preparing dinners from actual ingredients (instead of a box.) I may even resort to making my own bread....once in awhile. Ok, so maybe some of that requires some kind of preservatives, but atleast I know what I put in them, instead of reading the label on a box of Macaroni and Cheese and finding out that there's not actual cheese in it.

And McDonalds better get ready for a huge drop in profits. This is my official warning, kind of like Joseph's dream before the 7 year famine...yeah....just like that. So start scrimping now, Mayor McCheese, because you're going to notice when we stop coming around.

We're going to be so healthy.

But for now, I'm sticking with the easy, takes 15 minutes and requires minimal stirring, dinners for sanity's sake. And let's just pretend like it's actually good for you to eat something that can stay preserved in a box for years without rotting. Because in the amount of time it took to type this, I was interrupted 7 times (and two of my kids are sleeping.)

But I still don't think I'll be cleaing behind my refrigerator - that's what moving is for.

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