Jul 24, 2010

yeeeeeeee ha

We took the kids to a rodeo today.  In my mind I knew I wanted to take them for the experience, but also I was thinking: rodeo=country western torture.

I've been to a few rodeos before.  The small town next to the small town where I grew up had one every summer.  It was always hot and super dusty, and everyone got to sit on rickety-ish old stadium benches that didn't have backs.  Also, you had to make sure you didn't wear flip flops, because they could fall under the benches and get trampled by the waiting bulls.  (Seriously, there were bulls below us once - I was like 9, it scared the poop out of me, I thought my shoes were goners.)

But the rodeo today?  SUPER AWESOME.  I would bet money that I had a better time than my kids did. 
(And they didn't even play that much country music, which is great, because I think that would have ruined the whole thing for me.)

First of all, it was indoors.  And at noon.  And had special family pricing so that it only cost $16 for all six of us.  And it was a "professional rodeo", which apparently makes a huge difference in quality of performances.  (Or I'm just not remembering past rodeos right - but I can recall yawning, which just caused me to breath in loads of dust, which probably caused my eyes to water, which probably caused me to not see the performances anyway, so who really knows if they were good or not?)

And being from a small town near more even smaller towns, there were cowboys and riders today that are from where I grew up.  Which I hadn't thought about before, but excited me enough that when they announced a bull rider from Santequin UT I let out a really loud "WHOOOOOOOOO!"  Which embarrassed Husband since I was kind of the only one cheering in the whole stadium at the time.  I'm just sad they didn't catch it with a camera and play it on the big screen.  That would have been way more embarrassing for my whole family, which is mostly my goal whenever we're in public.

(By the way, and for the record, I am not from Santequin.  I am from Payson.  HUGE difference.  Ok, not really.)

One of the coolest parts of the whole rodeo today was at the beginning.  Right after the mutton busting (which is always entertaining) they darkened the arena and a lone horse came out with a big spotlight on the American flag.  Everyone stood, there were a lot of cowboy hats removed, we sang the Star Spangled Banner and the announcers spoke about freedom and religion and Jesus Christ and faith.  It was amazing.  How many events and games (or anything other than church, really) can begin that way? 

And why don't they?

I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of the rodeo for me.  With bull riding as a close second, because how seriously nuts do you have to bed to strap on some tight jeans and hang onto a disturbed bull for 8 seconds?  I'm pretty sure it's the small town girl inside of me that thinks bull riding, despite being insane, is incredibly impressive...but definetly not worth putting on wranglers.

Jul 13, 2010

ho hum

That's me.  Blogging.

You know that line in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where she says:
"My brain just stopped.  It was going right along and then, rrrrrt, stopped...."







See, I'm demonstrating.

'Cause that's me.  Blogging.  Again. In a very stopping-brain sort of way.

I saw the movie Eclipse the other day.  Not on opening night though - don't want to make THAT mistake again.  Alright, fine, I've never been to a Twilight movie on opening night.  Although I did for Harry Potter a few times.  So technically, I am the nerd you thought I was when I said I wouldn't be making THAT mistake again.

Eclipse was good.  Robert Pattinson didn't wear his awkwardly strained face through the whole thing.  And I think Kristin Stewart blinked about 1/4 of the times that she did in the first two movies.  Also, vampires break apart like marbled Greek sculptures so it's ok to show them decapitated....or in the act of decapitation and not call it "real" violence.  So, you know, all in all, it was pretty good.

I also saw Toy Story 3 in 3D with Two Bits and Opie for Two Bit's birthday (which reminds me - this was supposed to be the year of "dedicated birthday post to child...on birthday". So I should really get to that sometime.)

Toy Story 3 was pretty much awesome.  Except that my kids are afraid of all things 3D.  So when the movie started rolling I had a set of screaming kids who refused to wear their glasses.  And that's always super fun.  In a crowded theater.  But I'm sort of one of those, "Whatever - get over it" kind of moms.  So I forced them to take deep breaths and wear the stinking glasses that cost us extra money.  So then they both watched it with their little fingers clinging to their glasses, ready to yank them at any time the 3D became too "scary."  Sheeesh, they're just talking, moving toys being ruled over by an evil bear that smells like strawberries - - there's NOTHING to be afraid of.

Which also happens to be my opinion of Chucky.  But that's a whole other story.






Oh, sorry.  My brain stopped again.

Which is probably my cue to go to bed.  But then again, it could just mean that I...





Jul 3, 2010

hair loss and mourning

I like Monkey's hair long. 

I tried to grow out Opie's hair when he was younger, but he has always had a tremendously large head, and he also has very thick wavy hair.  You pair those two together, throw in some long locks, and you've got yourself a genuinely bonified giant-head child.  So I've learned my lesson: keep Opie's hair short.

But Monkey's hair?  It's so soft, and straight (our only straight-haired child) and super super cute when it's long.  SUPER CUTE.  (Agree with me - it's my blog.) 

But not many people liked the whole long hair thing.  I kept having to threaten various family members with things like, "If I come back to find him with short hair I will DISOWN you, run away with my kids and you will never hear from us again.  EVER."  (Husband was particularly sensitive to this threat.)

However, I did say that once random strangers started referring to him as a girl, I would consider cutting it.  And even though it grew long enough to tuck behind his ears, he never kept it tucked and it was always in his eyes (which aren't doing that great post-surgery anyway.)  And since it was always hanging in his eyes he was constantly rubbing things like food, sand and play-doh in it. 

So finally I relented.

Last monday I sent the boys with their dad to Great Clips.  But I had rules about Monkey's hair, because I was still really not excited to get it cut (which is why I couldn't go with him - I would have probably grabbed him and run screaming from the building when the scissors came out.) 

The "Monkey Hair Cutting Rules" were as follows:

1- It still must be long (although out of his eyes.)
2- It must be shaggy - not Dennis the Menace style
3- Pictures MUST be taken.

Here is a before picture:

 In my defense, Husband only combed one side of his head before leaving the house.  Mostly because he had dinner smeared into the other side.  But still - the messy hair - NOT MY FAULT.

Husband KNEW the rules before he left the house.  And he even called while Monkey was sitting in the chair with scissors poised at his head.

And yet, this was the end result:

WHAT KIND OF HAIRCUT IS THAT?!!!!  Honestly? We paid money for this.

As soon as they got home Monkey came running up to me, very proud of getting a "real" haircut.  So I had to tell him how awesome he looked and how I was so happy that he got his hair cut and blah blah gush gush. 

Really I was cringing and dying a little on the inside.

And the next morning I grabbed my scissors and did what I could to salvage his head.

See here (I call this the Granola Girl haircut - the all natural, requires no effort, little girl, must include the straight across the forehead bangs haircut.)

Do you see it swooshing in the back?   He's a boy, people. A BOY.  Stupid haircutting lady - HE'S A BOY.

 And there you have it - the finished, I still hate it, haircut.  So much for haircutting rules and keeping it long and trying not to look like Dennis the Menace.

And so, to everyone who told me to cut his hair: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!!!

Because I'm not.  I'm mourning the loss of his hair.  It was such awesome hair.  I loved that hair.  I miss his hair. 

Also, I'm legally changing his name to Samson and never cutting it again.

Jul 1, 2010


I drew a named out of everyone who entered my give away (which were few, but we'll let it slide, 'cause you're all probably on vacation) and the winner is:


Yay.  And I was going to email you tomorrow anyway, so now we can also talk then about colors and sizes and what not...