Sep 16, 2008

just today

Curly got in the car after school and said, "Zeke got in trouble for pushing today - but he had a really nice haircut!"

A conversation with my 3 1/2 year old during time out (when he was supposed to be in his room):
Toilet flush.
Me: "What was in that toilet?"
Screamer: "NOTHING!!!"
Me: "Tell me what you just flushed."
Screamer: "NOTHING!!!"
Me: "I need to know what you just flushed down the toilet!"
Screamer: "Ugggngngggg!!!!"
Me: "JUST TELL ME!!! What did you put in the toilet?!!"
Screamer: "Toilet paper. I'm nice now."
I never know what to expect with this kid - his moods changes are worse than a pre-menopausal prima donna.

We have a 'friend' through the "Families First" organization that visits us weekly. She's really really great. She also reminds me of America Ferrera. She looks a lot like her, and has her sugary sweet voice (it's perfect for the kids.)

But our friend's name isn't America, it's Brooke. Funny thing though. She brought a new Families First employee that she's training.

The new employee's name was America.

When she told me I almost laughed. I may have sputtered. But since I've never explained to Brooke my look alike theory I had to hold it in.

Totally wierdly entertaining, right?

By the way, I'm a huge America Ferrera fan - GO UGLY BETTY!

p.s. The photo is America, not Brooke - - just thought I'd clarify.
p.p.s. The toilet hasn't backed up and my 3 1/2 year old is still being "nice."
p.p.p.s. Zeke still has great hair.


i am bri said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! those always make my day.=)

Lisa said...

You must tell Brooke your look alike theory!! I'm sure she'll be flattered.

I just noticed billboards here in Poland for a remake(?) of Ugly Betty that will be done by Poles. Interesting. I've never seen it, but I've heard lots about it (the American version).