Sep 12, 2008

making every moment a lesson (not that it's a good one)

Sometimes I like to teach my kids that it's ok to be wrong. Especially since my kids seem to take quite a bit after their father who is a perfectionist and can NEVER be wrong. Because that would totally not be perfect, so it must never happen. Ever. Except that it does...

So when I slip up and say the wrong name or something I'll throw in a, "Whoops, I was wrong. But that's ok, because everyone is wrong sometimes!" And then I smile. Because look at me and my teaching moment.

Today we were running errands after school. Which I really hate doing. I'm not an errand runner. And this particular errand was not enjoyable. So when we were done and the kids were wailing, "I'm hungry" from the backseat, I decided we all needed a treat and I knew that Krispy Kreme Dougnuts were nearby.

But I wasn't too familiar with this area of town. So we headed off in the direction that I thought Krispy Kreme was in.

Five minutes later, "Whoops, I was wrong. Let's turn around and look the other way. You know kids, it's ok to be wrong sometimes." Smile.

A few minutes later, "Whooops kids, wrong again." Not really smiling.

A few minutes later, "Whooops, wrong AGAIN. But let's go find those doughnuts ALREADY." Really really not smiling, but still wanting to bite into a delicious doughnut.

Then my daughter started in on the commentary, "Mom, why don't you just go straight and see if that's right." and "Mom, you should turn around because I think you're wrong again." and "Mom, I don't think the doughnuts are here either. Why are you wrong so much?!"

Thirty-five minutes and no doughnuts. If anyone knows where the Krispy Kreme store is actually located, PLEASE tell me. Because, obviously, I have no clue.

And now my kids think that I'm wrong all the time. Not exactly the lesson I was going for.


Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

It's on the corner of Eagle Road and Fairview.

Queen Elizabeth said...

Being wrong isn't as fun when donuts are involved! (Found you via MMB :)

Jen said...

Nothing like being followed around 24-7 by little commentators who tactlessly point out every flaw. I have some of these myself.

Mostly, I just feel bad you didn't get your donuts. Hope that box of chocolates makes up for it!

Lisa said...

So funny! I'm so glad that I love your blog because I feel a little bad sometimes visiting someone who's visited mine and knowing that I'll probably not be coming back. But you're hilarious and I WILL be coming back.