Sep 3, 2008

if my blog were a child

I'm babysitting - no, not my own kids....that would be just regular parenting. Babysitting is way cooler because you get to sit in someone else's house where their kids actually stay asleep and no one can say, "Why are you blogging AGAIN? Don't you have stuff to do?" Gee, who would ever say that? I dunno, maybe a certain husband who thinks that I should work 19 hours of every day. I know I have enough to do to be that busy, but please....I can blog...and read other blogs....and sometimes I should waste the time to pull semi-entertaining ideas from total strangers blogs. Especially when I'm babysitting and their kids actually stay asleep.

The semi-entertaining idea I stole from that blogging stranger is the title of this post: if my blog where a child... Their post went on to say...something not as entertaining, not really sure what it was about. But MY post is going to be WAY interesting because I will now make a list of what my blog would be like if it were one of my actual children.


You would no longer have volume control on your computer.

Something would break every time you logged on to read.

Your computer would start spitting sticky substances at random.

The message "I'm thirsty for chocolate milk" would pop up at 3 second intervals.

You would automatically smell the stench of a full diaper.

You would have to figure out a way to breast feed your monitor.

And then you'd have to take your entire computer system out to your vehicle 6 times a day to buckle it into a complicated carseat with twisted straps and crumb filled seat.

I am sure there are more ways to relate blogs and kids, so this is where everyone else comes in. So leave a comment on what it would be like if your blog were a child.

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