Oct 10, 2012

new neighbors

I mentioned that I moved (again) right?  We live in a duplex now.  The beauty of a duplex is that you can hear lots and lots of stuff that happens on the other side (especially if you have really super amazingly creaky floors, like we do).  And also, you share a yard.

Granted, duplexes are better than apartments or townhomes or something where a whole bunch of people share the yard or you hear neighbors above, below, and on each side of you.  So yeah, duplexes aren't that bad.

The other half of our duplex is rented by some guys.  I think there are three of them.  Except that I'm not really sure.  All I know is that one of them has a big bushy beard.  Because a bushy beard is something you don't forget.  But regular looking guys?  Yeah, I have no memory of what the rest of them look like.

Currently our new guy neighbors are in the backyard with some of their friends.  Drinking beer and taking turns throwing a knife at a stump.   The windows are open so I can hear all the action.  Every couple of minutes one of them will curse and say "OW!"  So maybe I can officially meet all the guys when the ambulance is inevitably called due to blood loss.

Beer and knives - probably the only other thing I'll remember about the new neighbors besides the bushy beard.

Oct 4, 2012

listen to this music

I'm digging the band Walk Off the Earth lately.  These are a few of my favorite songs (their cover versions songs I didn't even like before are super great).  Listen to them.  LISTEN TO THEM NOW.  do it.