Sep 3, 2008

totally random things that i feel like forcing someone to read

I saw "Get Smart" last night. The movie has a dancing scene and I was sitting there thinking about how Anne Hathaway is my favorite "I wish I were her" celebrity. But in real life, I would be the OTHER girl dancing. (Yeah, the fat one.) Man, I need to lose some weight.

I love baby leg warmers. Seriously. Because when tights and socks are just too constricting, leg warmers are a chubby baby's best friend.

Cheeks has become a little social bug, and I was thinking about how our girls have developed so much quicker than the boys. Then I remembered that we actually have a video of Screamer being just as social as Cheeks at this age, and then I started thinking, "Oh, I guess it was just Monkey." Then I started worrying about Monkey again, remembering the days when we were just waiting to see if he had any more autistic red flags, then remembering being relieved when he developed beyond the red flags, but then feeling like I'm not TOTALLY convinced that he's "normal." Or that any of my children are "normal." Then I worried some more and really wanted some M&M's....and some Dorritos and sour cream....and a couple cookies.....and some other kind of chocolate.....and maybe some ice cream.....and a diet coke....

I want to be Sandra Boynton. (If you don't know who she is, it's ok, it just means that don't have little kids.) But really, I want to be her. Well, I want to be me, but I want to be what she has become. How awesome would that be?

Why is Screamer so afraid of flies? I mean, they're gross, what with their love of poop and all. But he is TERRIFIED beyond reason. I was really hoping he'd have outgrown this phobia by now, it's just obnoxious, really. And to make things worse he just came up to me and said, "Butterflies scare people, Mommy." Oh great, what else can we add to the list?

You know how they say that a good Home Teacher is someone who prays to know the needs of the families they see? Yeah, we have an EXCELLENT Home Teacher who obviously listens when he prays. How do I know? Because last night he brought us this:

I read other people's blogs where they refer to their immediate families and how everyone thinks they are SO amazing. Like blogging sisters who are both hilarious, and who say lovely things like, "My sister is the funniest person I know." Then there is my family, and they're all like, "Oh PLEASE don't say we're related." In fact, they think I am SO un-funny that they don't even read my blog. I'M FUNNY, DANG IT. Or at least I think so, and they are my family- they should lie to me and tell me that I'm amazingly brilliant and sharp witted, right?

Screamer likes to come up and say two random words and then go, "They rhyme!!" He's so proud. So then I say, "Yeah, you're SO right - Way to go, Buddy!!!" And then there's Curly, "No, way, that's WROOOOOOONG." Which always gets Screamer crying (and usually throwing things.) Because, geez Curly, we encourage ALL types of learning here, even when someone has the wrong answers. When will she get with the picture and stop being right all the time?! Stinking, smarty pants.

I have an old Ensign in the car that I've been trying to read while waiting to pick Curly up from school. Yesterday I read an article that went something like this: "...and then my son lovingly threw a handful of sand at me in the car, and we both laughed." I'm SO not mocking the Ensign, but this is how that same scenario would go if it were me: "...and then he angrily threw the sand at me, while shrieking and trying to rip himself from his carseat. The sand got in my eyes while speeding down the road in an effort to just get home already, and I began to swerve and scream, 'AAAAAH, why did you do that?!!! AAAAAAH, I can't see!!!!! AAAAAAAH, we're all going to DIE, and then you're going to sit in time out for a LOOONG time!!!!!!'" Which is why I write on a blog and not for the Ensign.

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Janiece said...

That is a GOOOOD Hometeacher, with an AMAZING WIFE :o)