Oct 23, 2008


Guess what? My header uploaded. Could you tell? Like the ginormousy of it didn't give the whole header uploading thing away. Yeah. There it is.

Whew. That was a pain.

Thanks to Mombabe's help, and another day entirely spent looking at stupid code, I finally "expanded my widgets" and figured out the header problems.


Code. Who needs it. I like pictures better. Why can't life be all pictures?

Speaking of which - I will be coming up with a new header (complete with matching background) in a few days. Because MAN IS THAT THING HUGE.


Whenever I'm using the bathroom, I have this fear of someone hiding in behind the shower curtain. Well, I guess not just someone, but some psycho stalker killer. Just waiting for me to get done peeing so that he can jump out with his oversized knife. My fear intensifies if the tub is right next to the toilet (like 92% of all bathrooms in the world.) Which is why I have to pee with the curtain pushed back. Those curtains are seriously creepy.

Speaking of shower curtains, is it better to have a clear one or one that will hide you if you're interrupted? Because if that psycho stalker killer is trying to take advantage of me while I'm all vulnerable and showering then I want to see him coming. But if my 3 year old walks in while I'm shaving my pits....not so much.

You know what else scares me? Driving in the dark.

I babysat for my cousin tonight while she went to a late show. Her house is 3/4 of a block away. But I still drive because people get beaten up by gang members while growing rooms full of pot in this neighborhood.

Usually I take our car, but I had to fill the van up with gas before said babysitting, so yeah...took the van. But then on the way home (the whole 3/4 of a block) I kept imagining some psycho stalker killer just waiting for me amongst the empty carseats, so he could spring out with that huge knife of his and start stabbing away. (Psycho stalker killers ONLY use knives - it's a proven fact.....no it's not. I made that up. But in my mind they ONLY use knives.)

It didn't help that we have one of those mirror thingies that you hook to the headrest of the seat so you can see your baby in their rear-facing carseat. Only when the baby isn't in their carseat and it's dark outside, it just reflects all the lights from the front of the car making the backseat(s) look even more disorienting and creepy.

Of course if I had really thought it through, I would have realized just how hard it would be to crouch down in the van wielding a huge knife when there's hardly enough room for my 5 year old to get around all the carseats and toys and the diaperbag that I accidentally forget in there all the time.

Yeah, I WOULD have thought that if I weren't so terrified of getting slashed to death during my 3/4 block drive home.

But don't worry. I'm alive.

Unless the killer is waiting for me to pee again.


LisAway said...

Good job on the header. And my brain just clicked and I realized that YOU drew those pictures on there!

Good Halloween post, Melissa. Now I'm never going to the bathroom again.

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

Yay! I'm not the only person who thinks serial killers lurk at every corner!

Back in Moscow, my friends and I would horseback ride at this stable with an indoor arena late into the night. (Like 10 o'clock or so.) My horse had to be returned to a pasture up the hill while my friends' horses were kept in the stables. Every time I had to BEG someone to come with me to put my horse away. They would say, "You can't seriously be afraid of the dark!" I would respond, "I'm NOT! I'm scared of the serial killer who is LURKING in the dark. DUH!!!!"

Oh, and if you have a thing about shower curtains and murder, don't watch Fargo. Ever.

Tracy said...

LOL! It cracks me up that you think the killer would wait for you to finish peeing.

wonder woman said...

nice job getting the header loaded. I like that one (but I'm also new here, so I haven't been seeing it for a long time.) I, too, have a freakishly huge header, but I like it and spent SO much time in paint that I doubt I'll ever change it.

I've never thought of killers lurking in my bathtub. I always have to close the curtain because I would rather look at my curtain than my dirty tub. BTW, my curtains are almost transparent. I have a white one that goes in the tub, and an opaque one with blue stripes for the outside. Enough to see a stalker killer hiding out, not enough for my kids to be traumatized for life.

You have a cousin on your block?! I'm jealous.

Claire said...


You've been tagged!