Oct 9, 2008

hair in a box and some other stuff

Last night I dyed my hair red. Because if there's one majorly important lesson my mother taught me it is: There is nothing wrong with hair from a box, even if it comes from ShopKo and was on sale.

Apparently my sisters didn't pick up on this lesson because they both have professionals do their hair. They don't even go to Super Cuts, but to actual hair people that probably went to the same school as the people who work at Super Cuts.

I'm fine with hair in a box (it doesn't even have to be from ShopKo.)

Also I think that I will look 40 pounds lighter if my hair is red. That's the theory, right? (This is where you lie and say you absolutely know that theory, and holy cow I look practically anorexic with my new hair color.)

When I really do get skinny (sure, that will happen) my reward is getting to dye my hair black. It was black in college, I also had a fabulous tan. I was the envy of everyone -or maybe a couple people -or maybe just that one girl who was seriously delusional, which explains the enviousness.

So I got my M&M's newsletter (I'm not kidding, they really have one, and being addicted to the little chocolate morsels like I am it's practically a given that I'll subscribe to an M&M's newsletter - sheesh, who did you think you were talking to here?) M&M's is having a halloween giveaway thingy where you can win $100,000,000.

But you have to enter a UPC code to play it everyday. Upon finding out this information I was almost bummed. Because I didn't have a bag of M&M's in the house. But then within 2.7 minutes I successfully rounded up 3 empty M&M packages, so now I have 3 days to play the giveaway game.

I would be embarrassed that I actually had that many empty M&M packages just laying around, but when this addiction pays off in the form of a million dollars I am going to buy a swimming pool, fill it to the top with M&M's, and swim in it. And then I'm really going to have a lot of empty wrappers, so these 3 are going to seem like nothing.

I bathed my kids this morning. I drew a picture about it.


Natalie said...

What a coincidence! I have a box of light auburn hair color from Walmart that I was planning on using tonight! I hadn't heard the 40 lbs. lighter theory yet. Now, I'm psyched!

Claire said...

Seriously... when I get to my target weight, I'm cutting my hair and bleaching it. Serious.

*MARY* said...

The only m&m's I like are the wild cherry ones. And I think I just dreamed them up because I can't find them in the stores anymore.

Jen said...

Hey, are you sure you aren't "too thin"? Ever since you went red, you've just looked WAYYY too skinny.

And can I come swim in your pool after you win your million bucks??? That sounds like my kind of recreational activity:)

wonder woman said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog! And I agree with Jen - ever since you went red, you totally look like Kathy Griffin, all skinny and such. But you look WAY younger and prettier.

I, too, have NO PROBLEM with hair from a box. Ever since having kids, my hair's so much darker than it used to be. About a month ago I was trying to dye it a golden blonde and it went horribly WRONG! (I actually have a post about it. "Change is BAD" in my sidebar.) (I hate it when people plug their blogs in other people's comments, but this has something to do with your post and is kinda funny.)

And I'm half tempted to go buy a 30 day supply of M&Ms to be in the giveaway!! But I would probably eat them all in like 8 days and gain 15 pounds and HATE MYSELF.

But good luck to you!!!! =D

Barbaloot said...

I am fully addicted to m&ms, too! I'm still sad that they don't have the crispy ones anymore...they were one of the best.

Also, I LOVE red hair! And I heard you actually look 45-50 pounds lighter with it. If it hadn't taken me 5 years to get my hair back to its natural color-I'd be right there with you on the dying thing.