Oct 29, 2008

poor man's remodel

Today I moved the furniture (I'm feeling better, by the way.) It's almost like we moved to a whole new house!

Ok, not really.

Even though there was no actual remodeling or moving done, it does make living here a bit more interesting. And that should count for something. Plus, we have had the furniture the same since we moved here - 2 1/2 years ago. That is way too long to have a room set up in only one way.

In fact, that is almost like breaking furniture law #327 - "Moving your couch will ease furniture depression, and will result in happier, comfier and bouncier sitting (or laying depending on your couching preferences.)"

We must never forget our furniture's feelings.

Not only is it a good idea to rearrange things, but you should also make sure to sit equally on each cushion, or that middle one that no one likes is going to get really self-conscious, and possibly suicidal (depending on if it EVER gets sat on and how big the sitter's butt is.)

Also, in our new furniture arrangement, the tv is no longer the focus of our whole living/kitchen/dining room. Husband is going to be thrilled about this. But we watch way too much TV around here. PBS kid shows save my life. But I have been really trying to get everyone to watch less lately. And I'm hoping that this will be accomplished by the mere inconvenience I have now established.

Because putting your tv in a closet under a box should help lessen the viewing, I'm thinking.

I'm a lair, never believe anything I say.

The tv is still in the living room. Just on a different wall.

Like I could live without that thing.

So my husband and I went to the IMAX theater last night. Is it weird that the previews were giving me panic attacks, but that once the movie started I was fine watching that monstrous screen?

I don't know what was up with all the panic stuff. There was a preview for "Watchmen" and it includes a song that sounds like the Smashing Pumpkins (I'm pretty sure it's Smashing Pumpkins that sings it, but I'm not even close to "cool" anymore and haven't the slightest what bands are out there, or not out there anymore.) But during that preview I thought I was going to have a heart attack. And Smashing Pumpkins is kind of mellow...


Anyways, we watched Eagle Eye. I enjoyed it. Except that I have to say that we should all know by now to never make an all-knowing super intelligent computer because OBVIOUSLY it's going to turn on our imperfect human state and try to take over the world. Every time. So don't do it. We just need to keep making the same old stupid computers and then continue killing each other in the name of freedom.

Maybe an all-knowing super intelligent computer would do a better job...

Don't you just love how I blog about multiple, completely different things in the same post all because I'm too lazy to hit publish in between my thoughts? Yeah, I know. And your welcome.


*MARY* said...

We haven't moved our couch in two years, mostly because I don't want to clean out what's under there.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yes, thank you in advance for your next random post also!

Melissa Bastow said...

There was a lot of stuff under our couch, so I just told the kids that they had to pick it up really fast or I'd suck all their toys up with the vacuum. Sooner or later my kids are going to realize the actual sucking power of our crappy vacuum and this whole fear thing is going to end. That will be a sad day.

Barbaloot said...

Re-arranging is fun! But I don't subscribe to the sitting equally on cushions theory. I have two really nice, leather couches in m living room and one ghetto, old school hide-a-bed. The thing is older than I am. And guess where I always sit. In that one! Seriously-it doesn't match, it's not as nice-but I don't even give the other couches a chance.

Jen R. said...

ha ha ha I love the random posting. And this is how I think...its all over the place. One thing leads to another and another...suddenly I'm talking in a whole different language. Scratch that, I only know one language. Maybe I should learn another one.

Jen said...

Every December I pick a night, rearrange the furniture, and decorate for Christmas while my kids are sleeping. It's a big job, but they love it.

And that way I know the furniture gets moved and vacuumed under once every year.

And I hate it when children grow out of threats. It's such a bummer!

LisAway said...

I LOVE following your brain on it's crazy way. You always tie things together nicely.

I'm a strong believer in the moving of furniture.

Claire said...

I love all your random thoughts. ;)