Oct 23, 2008

seven random me

Claire tagged me. Which I think it is awesome, because Claire is hilarious and her husband calls her a psycho hose beast, which makes her blog totally worth reading. (Who couldn't love reading about a psycho hose beast? Really? I dare you to resist...)

So I wanted these to be good. But good just wasn't happening, and you get these instead:
1- I finished my blog makeover. It's all Halloweeny. Yeah, I know - YOU KNOW ALREADY - yes, I do realize you are looking at my blog RIGHT NOW. But hey, after two days of "what the heck?!!!" I'm pretty proud of it. (Here's the part where you tell me you love it.)
2- Monkey hit me in the head with a plastic "ear checker" thingy from his Dr kit today. I thought he was so cute wearing the stethoscope backwards and looking through the ear checker, so I was like, "Hey Sweety, come look in Mommy's ears!" and then I bent down so he could get a good look. And then with all of his 20 month old strength (which is surprisingly a lot) he whacked me upside the head with it and then laughed. And you know that soft-ish spot right by your temple? Yeah, that's where his blow of destruction landed. Seriously, I about passed out. I wouldn't recommend getting hit in that particular spot (even if it's only coming from a toddler) because it STILL hurts...a lot.
3- I hate sea food. It's so disgusting. And don't even invite me to dinner if you're going to eat crab or lobster or anything that you have to rip apart that crunches or has legs. And don't leave your little shrimp tails sitting anywhere I can see them. Unless you'd like to see what I've already eaten for dinner (in the form of half-digested chunks.) Was that a little much? Well, that's what you get for mentioning sea food.
4- I can't sustain a normal human conversation. I try. But I usually just make weird noises and drool a little. Like when this politician came to our door today as part of his campaigning. I'm pretty sure he thought I was the dumbest person he's ever met. But you can't just spring serious conversations on me like that. I need a warm up period or something, ya know? Or maybe just stick to asking me about baby poop, the best brand of chicken nuggets, or how many raisins will fit in between the booster seat and dining room chair if you cram them in really tight. Those are the kinds of things I can talk about readily. Because if you ask me something serious or important you'll just have to end up getting a towel to wipe the slobber off my chin.
5- Sour Cream was sent from heaven. Enough said.
6- When I realized that Santa wasn't really real I was too afraid to talk to my mom about it. I thought that it would hurt her feelings if she knew that I knew. So I just kept pretending that I thought he was real. I think we finally had the "Santa talk" when I was about 23.
7- I know Wing Chun Kung Fu. Ok, I kind of know it. Ok, I kind of used to know it. Ok, I kind of used to go to the classes because dating the instructor will get you free Kung Fu lessons, but I really really stunk at it. But I could still take you. Oh yeah. What? WHAT?!!! DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS OUTSIDE?!!!!

And now I tag...............YOU. (Whoever "you" are, just let me know so I can check out your random 7!)


LisAway said...

1. I was actually reading you on Google Reader, so I'm glad you told me to come see your new look. VERY NICE!!

3. I DESPISE seafood. I was watching Master Chef (BBC) yesterday and they were cooking prawns. I almost died about 4 times when they showed the lovely plate with these disgusting creatures with long nast legs, bug eyes and some funky whiskers. No to mention the disgusting sectioned and armored body. I think it is so repulsive and I have no idea how that is considered gourmet food. I almost threw up. (I can handle canned tuna, though.

5. I never ate sour cream until I was like 20 years old. I thought it was so disgusting when my siblings put in on their Mexican food, etc. Now I mourn for those twenty wasted years.

Tiff said...

CUTE new layout!!

Claire said...

MAN!!! I just typed out a big comment for you, but then my laptop decided to be a punk, and it all disappeared!
It went something like... I am a psycho hose beast. i've learned to live with it. I love seafood, but not with eyes and feelers. I love your new layout, but i also liked the old one. I'm sad and happy at the same time.

something like that... :)

the MomBabe said...

I'm so glad you figured it out. love love LOVE the little piggy.

Jen said...

I just love that there's a chick in a bra on your sidebar.

You Rebel!

And I'm sorry we can never go out for all-you-can-eat-shrimp. That was a pretty big blow...

And how many raisins CAN you fit?

Tracy said...

Okay, I did it. Here's the link: We've Been Married How Long?!?!: Seven Random and/or Weird Facts About Me

Hope the link works - I'm still trying to figure this stuff out.