Oct 15, 2008


Since I've been so whiny lately, here a post completely free of anything pathetic. (Ok, probably the WHOLE post is pathetic, but you know what I mean.)

When I was 13-ish I dressed up like a carton of strawberry milk. It was my favorite costume of ALLLLLL time. That was also the year that I went trick-or-treating (yes, at age 13) to Donny Osmond's house. Except that Donny didn't answer the door and I'm not even sure which house was his exactly.

EXCEPT that one time I did actually see Donny Osmond walking down the street after a parade in Provo. And then my friend (who my little sister thought looked like a white Tiger Woods, which is totally irrelevant to what I'm saying, but I thought you should still know) said, "Hey, it's your boyfriend" and pointed at Donny. And then I was like, "What? That old dude?! Gross." And then he had to tell me who it was. Because obviously I'm not of the Osmond loving generation.

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid I was always afraid that someone was going to give me a piece of candy with a razor in it. That's what everyone kept saying - "Have your parents check your candy!! AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" And I listened, but my parents never wanted to check it. So I am really quite surprised that I lived through so many Halloweens without choking on a blade of some kind.

My mom made a skeleton out of old milk cartons and we hung it in our house for YEARS AND YEARS. We have a lot of pictures next to that thing. Also we would put flavored tootsie rolls in his "pelvis." Which reminds me, I hate the vanilla tootsie rolls. I don't even know why they exist - because no one checked with me on this.

When I was in 6th grade we would have "sock hops" during school. I dressed up like a mime for the Halloween one. And I asked a boy named Will Moser to dance. Will Moser, if you are reading this, the mime had a crush on you in 6th grade.

I am supposed to be sewing Halloween costumes at THIS VERY MOMENT. But I don't want to. Which is really going to bite me in the butt tomorrow evening when we have the "NICU Reunion Halloween Bash" and no one's costume is ready.

Which reminds me of one more Halloween-y thing.

We got an invitation a few days ago to my sister in-law's Halloween party. They're having it at their house which they refer to (on the invitation) as "The Newby House of Terror." I really like my sister in-law, but I have now vowed to refer to their house as nothing but THE NEWBY HOUSE OF TERROR. I really hope this one sticks with the kids.


LaDawn said...

You are so lucky to have seen Donny in person, even if he was too old for you.
I should be sewing Halloween costumes right now too, but since I discovered this whole blogging thing, I don't feel like sewing.

*MARY* said...

Donny has a really big forehead, so do I, if we had kids they'ed have tenheads.
How does a mime ask someone to dance?

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

"because no one checked with me on this"

I feel this way about a LOT of things in life. If only I ruled the world.

LisAway said...

In sixth grade my best friend and I were salt and pepper shakers. I truly thought (think) that was the best idea anyone ever came up with. Ever. We wore puffy shower caps and black/white with a P/S on our shirts made with electrical/masking tape. Nobody else thought it was all that amazing. Whatever.

Your strawberry milk was a pretty great idea, too.

Claire said...

I hate Hallowe'en. I thnk cos it requires too much effort on my part. THere's a girl in our ward who always holds an annual Hallowe'en party. ONe year (my daughter was only 3 and so really didn't get what was going on...) I didn't even BUY her a costume let alone make one. I stuck a bag over her head (yes - safety first) with a hole for the head and two for the arms, and she went as a bag lady. It sucked. But I just couldn't be bothered.

If I'd let my parents rummage round my sweets looking for blades, I'm sure they would've scoffed the lot - in the name of safety. So be glad that your parents weren't vigilant.

Jen said...

Wow. I just can't get past the whole "sewing Halloween costumes" thing. You are clearly a devoted mother.

Once I put my kids in costumes requiring sewing - but I got someone else to do it for me. I'm more in line with Claire when it comes to Halloween.

My poor children.

Kaira said...

How funny! I remember around that same time my mom actually took us to the hospital where they did free candy x-rays. I can't believe it, now that I think back. Can't wait to see pictures of these sewn costumes!

Lorie said...

Strawberry Milk! That rocks!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Foundja off of Mary and I'll give you some major validation by saying that I just TOTALLY sacrificed my nap to read you. Be impressed.

(I've always been impressed with the Serial Killer costume. Walk around in black with a fake knife in a box of Cheerios.)

Mother Goose said...

one word

Natalie said...

That's so funny. The only tootsie rolls I like are the vanilla.