Oct 19, 2008

visitors of the family kind

I had family in town this weekend, which totally cut into my blog reading time. It was horrible. I think I was having withdrawals at one point, so I had to sneak onto the computer and read a few every few hours just so I wouldn't completely lose my blogging addiction.

M&Ms and blogging - my two vices. In which I am very happy to keep, because it could be worse. And I've never read any scripture anywhere that says I can't do it so I'm pretty sure my eternal salvation is still in tact. IN FACT, I distinctly remember hearing something last conference about how we should leave nice comments- I can't quote the actual words, and I don't know if they were even really referring to blogs, but I still think it TOTALLY justifies my love of blogging (and the M&M's fit in there somewhere too, I'm sure.)

So the greatest part of the particular family members that were in town is that my step-mom does all of my dishes. She's one of those clean people. She probably thinks we live like slobs, because I'm not one of those clean people. I'm more like one of those "hey look, you can see the floor - that's good enough" kind of people. But I did wipe out my microwave before they got here. (But mostly because it as EEEEEEWWWWW-ish.)

My step-sister brought her brand new long board, which my kids thought was more awesome than a box full of jack rabbits. I was going to try it out too, but then I remembered my coordination skills, and since I value my teeth, I didn't get on it.

When I was in 8th grade, my friend and I thought we were skaters so I took my aunt's old 70's board to practice our "skills." We were attempting to just get off the curb and onto the road without falling. Not that difficult, right? Sure. On my turn, the front end of the skateboard caught on the road which flung me head first into the asphalt. I landed on my teeth and then skidded up my face. Luckily though I was saved by my complete nerdiness. My glasses were mangled and my braces held my two front teeth in my mouth until the dentist could put them back into their sockets. Also I had huge scrapes on my face. My favorite was the one above my lip just below my nostril. It looked like I had dried boogers coming out of my nose for about 2 weeks. Needless to say- I stayed off the longboard this weekend.

And no visit from the ole' fam would be complete without a game night. We played Balderdash last night. But the one that has movie, acronym, laws and people along with the word definitions. I believe this is my favorite game. Except that I always lose. I really don't know why no one ever believes stuff like, "Armand Jones was a famous traveling porcupine wrestler, or the first successful Amway salesman." If you've never played Balderdash, first of all - SHAME ON YOU, you obviously have no idea how to have fun- also you really won't get why this has to do with anything.

It's really annoying that my husband ALWAYS wins games. Every time. Especially if we're playing Balderdash (or Cranium - no one can beat him at Cranium.) That is why, whenever the games have partnerships I am grateful that I can claim him as my partner, since, you know, I'm married to him and all. Because then I get to know what it feels like to win. And I also like gloating.

This morning my in-laws were town as well. It was the Primary program and everyone wanted to witness Curly's first BIG TALK. She had an extra long part (and did fabulous, by the way.) Everyone also wanted to see Screamer stand by the microphone with his head down and not say, "I'm a child of God." They gave him a super short line. He still woudln't say it. But he did sing all the chorus's of the "I'm a Child of God" song with everyone else. And we can't let extended family miss that!

All in all, it was a succesful weekend, even if I didn't get in enough blog reading time.


*MARY* said...

Balderdash, blogging, no big difference. They both involve reading and trying to dicipher truths, and both start with a B and end in a G.

Mother Goose said...

wow, so you had your own self washing dishwasher at your home! lucky you, what model is tht?? LOL

after taking a spill on your board back in the day, that would keep me from trying it also. Well, I might have given it a little push. LOL

glad you had fun and were able to sneak away

LisAway said...

Let me help you. The way eating M&Ms ties in with the obedience to commandments that is Commenting Positively is that if you're eating them while commenting, you will always be feeling the positive vibe, and therefore leave excellent comments.

I think I've finally discovered your excellence in commenting secret!! Too bad I can't eat m&m's!

Claire said...

We have our primary program this week. The kids were practising on the stand yesterday, and Eilidh was GUTTED she never got to speak in the microphone in fornt of everybody. I think that's more about her being a diva, than being super spiritual.

I hate being separated from my laptop for too long. I think the whole blogging thing may be an addiction... and i'm pretty sure we've been taught against stuff like that. THough I do pride myself in being a bit of a rebel..

Barbaloot said...

I guess I can blame your family for not having a Melissa comment on my blog:) And I think those are even MORE cool that a box full of jack-rabbits!

And please, can I steal your Armand Jones explanation? Love it. I'm awful at Balderdash-but I cracked up when I read that!