Oct 30, 2008

supporting Cordy

If you don't know what's been going down at My Super Hopeless Romance then, first of all, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Sheesh, it's all over the Bloggingdom - do you blog from under a rock?

Secondly, you don't have to be a Cordy fan (or hater) to read this post. Because, frankly, I don't want to get into all of that over here. But I do want to say that I'm a big devotee of Cordy the character and her very entertaining love life.

As a way to show my support, here is a story about a guy who wasn't my best friend that I still had a crush on, even though it wasn't really like Cordy and Seth at all, but it's the closest I have. And just to be clear from the beginning, this is a completely true story (since I have also been known to fib a bit in the name of bloggertainment and apparently that can get you into trouble.)

In college there was a guy who I would have totally dated, if it had been an option. His name was Cole (the name is even real, which is going to be embarrassing if he for some reason ever reads this...which probably won't happen, but still...) We weren't best friends, but we did hang out with the same group of people, he lived across the street, and once he beat me while bowling (not really shocking) so I had to make him dinner. So it was almost like we were best friends....ALMOST. Or not really. Whatever.

Cole had red hair - but not the ugly red where it looks like someone's head is literally on fire or has been dyed with Koolaid. He had the cute kind of red. He was also on the football team for awhile. I think. In my memory, he was on the football team for awhile. And one time when a group of us were at his parent's house, he kissed his grandma on the cheek. Which will pretty much win the heart of any college-age LDS girl, because really, HOW STINKING SWEET.

I think Cole and I had quite a few opportunities to hook up, but things never seemed to go right. Mostly it was my freakish inability to start a relationship unless the guy was over the top interested. As in, saying 'I like you' and then kissing me, and then I would go, "Oh hey, I think he likes me." Because up until that point I would always question anyone actually being interested in me. Not that I wasn't good enough looking, and I kind of knew it, but because I was a total doofus.

One time we were on our way to go bowling, but had a 35 minute drive to get to our preferred alley. We were all alone in the backseat of a car. Major opportunity potential. In fact, after we got in the car, and I buckled into the seat by the door and NOT the middle, Cole said, "How can I cuddle with you, when you are all the way over there?" And then I was like, "Uhhhhhh...." drool drool. Because I didn't know what to think. He was just kind of a cuddly guy. You know the kind of guy you could snuggle up against during a movie, except that you're always wondering if it meant as much to him as you?

I actually have a picture of Cole and myself at that very moment in that very backseat, which I would include in this post, but HOLY COW I'm too embarrassed (not that it's a bad picture - we could have totally used it for our engagement photo.)

Another time we could have hooked up was when all of our friends decided to chug as much milk as possible and then see who could throw up first. (Yeah, a thrilling college game. It was so gross. But we didn't drink alcohol, so what else was there?)

Cole was manning the camera, and I was just a bystander. At one point it got so disgusting that Cole and I stepped outside to get some fresh air. We were all alone again. Oh except that we only made it to the top of the landing outside his apartment and then had to run down the stairs so that both of us could puke in opposite bushes. Man, that was romantic.

Mostly there was one really huge moment that had dating potential written all over it. Of course it didn't work out either. Except this time none of my dating doofusness or moronic college games were going to get in the way. Because this time GOD intervened. I'm being serious, by the way.

It was New Years Eve and we were "partying" at our place. That means we had rootbeer, played games and watched a movie. And at one point a couple of us snuck outside to light a stick of firecrackers my dad had given me. But that wasn't the good part.

The movie ended really late and everyone pulled themselves from our floor and couch and trudged to bed. EXCEPT for Cole and me. He had deliberately stayed. And we had been cuddling during the movie. I thought that it was really going to happen this time. Could things have been more perfect?

It would have been perfect except at the very moment of being alone I suddenly got an upset stomach. It came out of nowhere and it was one of those, "Oh I'm going to puke if I move" type upset stomachs that mean business.

It was so horrible. After laying still for a few minutes, there was no way this was going to end well, and I had to make up some stupid excuse to go to bed and ditch Cole in the living room. He seemed very confused. Ok, it might have been relief, but I'm going to remember confused. Because this is my memory and I really do think we would have hooked up that very night. Which is why I'm saying that God intervened and made me vomit instead.

I don't know why things have to always end in puke for me.

We remained friends that whole year, and possibly could have still had a few chances. But after the heavenly barf I decided that it probably wasn't the right direction to take in life.

And so here I am, not married to Cole. My husband doesn't have red hair, was never on the football team, and lost to me the first time we bowled on our Wii. But that's ok, because I still like him - and with as much as he has seen me vomit in our almost 7 years of marriage, it's a good thing that he still likes me too.

And there you have it. My almost like Cordy story.


Jen R. said...

Great Story!!! I'm so glad I get to be first to comment!

LisAway said...

How romantic! You should have posted this on Valentine's Day and we'd all be so love struck right along with you . . . :)

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh! That's YOU???? Cole is my BROTHER!!!!!

just kidding :D

That was totally HILARIOUS!

Barbaloot said...

Love the story! My favorite part---the fact that he was a cute red head. I know just what you mean by that and I am a sucker for any guy that can pull of red hair!

Barbaloot said...

Love the story! My favorite part---the fact that he was a cute red head. I know just what you mean by that and I am a sucker for any guy that can pull of red hair!

Sue said...

My last hopeless crush before I got married was a red head. SO CUTE.

Loved your story :)

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

Is that Cordy blog fiction? I think it is. There is a little panel on the left hand side that says something to that effect.

But maybe everyone already knows it's fiction and I'm just late to the party?

I'm slow. Not very blog-savvy.

Janiece said...

Never heard of Cordy...but I must go check it out if it is ALL OVER Bloggingdom!
Have a great day

Janiece said...

FUNNY... I ablout passed out for you when I read Tracy's post!!!
Heavenly Puke..now that is an interesting perspective!