Oct 14, 2008

little pieces of my heart will be for sale at D.I.

I have this thing about my kids clothes. The thing is, I LIKE BUYING THEM CLOTHES. I get in trouble frequently for this. It's just that the old ones get so boring after awhile. And I hate it when the really cheap clothes look like poop after washing them a couple of times.

Luckily, I live in a city that has outlet stores. I love outlet stores (and Ebay!) Alot of the time you can find higher quality clothes for Walmart prices so how could I NOT buy them? It would be like wasting money for me NOT to get a couple $4 shirts at OshKosh. Right? RIGHT?!!

The problem is - we have tiny closets. Miniature, puny, ridiculous, TINY closets. The other problem is - I have saved EVERYTHING. Not only are the kids' closets chuck full of stuff, but we have multiple rubbermaid bins in our garage full of baby clothes they've all grown out of.

Also, we may not be having any more children. And I say "may not" because if I say "for sure not" someone will have to come mop me up, because I will be laying in a puddle of my own tears under my desk.

So it was time to get rid of all the baby clothes. (And the clothes the kids don't wear that are still hanging out in their closets.) I have spent the ENTIRE day going through clothes. Literally. Ok, I had to also take care of my children a couple of times...like in between Dora movies and stuff. But other than that ALL DAY.

The kids closets are now reasonable, and the rubbermaid binS are now down to ONE. But I have to say that it was HOOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLEE.

I looked at every baby sleeper, and little dress, and the 52 blue onesies with puppies or footballs, remembering each of my chubby little babies in them. And every time I put one of thosebaby outfits into the D.I. pile a piece of my heart went with it. And we really had a LOT of clothes - - that's a lot of little pieces of heart that will be selling at D.I.

They better go to good homes.

Yeah, I'm definitely not saying that we will have no more babies. Even just typing that makes me all sad inside. Someone better get a mop....


the MomBabe said...

OH! Pulling at my heartstrings! I gave my baby clothes to people that were as excited about them as I was. Because honestly, I would've given 'em to my SIL, but when I offered, she was all "Um, I guess...." while rolling her eyeballs to the back of her head.

ANYWAYS. Yes, I had to make sure mine went to a nice house where they could be loved. Because, well, I have the same problem.

(What? I totally didn't buy my kids new jeans today. Okay, only a couple pairs. But they were clearance and they FIT and they were CUTE dagnabit!)

Melanie said...

I am just the opposite. I can wait to get rid of stuff. It causes problems sometimes (my husband if FAR more sentimental than I am).

I have three boys. Our clothes dont go to D.I. (or goodwill here), they go to the trash can. None of them are fit for any other human being to wear.

LisAway said...

I'm crying for all those little pieces of your heart. And I'm really hoping that you are able to function with so much of it missing. Like is your blood still being pumped properly?

Claire said...

Awww. Just think though - no more trips to the docs to be'ruffled'.

And Dora movies are great. They can buy you just enough time to tidy up the house. Viva Dora.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I hope you saved some... I promise, when you give away your baby stuff you automatically get pregnant. There doesn't even have to be a man involved. It's true, I swear.

JustRandi said...

Ahh, your clothes are going to good homes.
I always like giving stuff away, because it's just more stuff I don't have to deal with anymore.
Love that.

Jen said...

I did okay with the boy clothes - because I got to reuse them three times - although I do tend to save out the best stuff for someone who will really appreciate it.

The girl clothes (that only get worn by my ONLY girl) are harder. And the little, tiny baby clothes. Some of these things tend to get shoved into drawers so I can keep them and put them on my grandbabies. For real. I only have like, twelve years or so to wait. No big deal.

(As a side note - you are one of my favorite blogger-girl personalities. Just thought you'd want to know:)

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

Did you try Kid-to-Kid first? Think of the money!

And, Grandma Millie doesn't know about my cyst. THAT'S why. haha.

Annie Valentine said...

Kid To Kid, my friend. I feel better when I can trade them in for more used clothing that I don't need.

Mother Goose said...

i feel weepy too! At least it is not final for you. After my last baby, I had no choice and had a hyster after. It was sad and took until my baby was 6 yrs old until i accepted my plight. I am good and enjoying the season I am in. Whatever season you are in. I hope you enjoy it! that's the important part of life!

Natalie said...

Oh, I so get this post. All of it. My heart breaks every time I have to part with the clutter that was once my kid's wardrobe & holds so many memories. :-( I also want to melt into a puddle of tears when I think we may never have another baby (and that's a pretty solid maybe since I had my tubes tied 6 years ago.) I still refuse to believe it somedays. And Dora has bought me many hours of "me time".