Nov 22, 2008

yes, yes, I saw it

My cousin and I were going to see Twilight last night (that would be thursday night, even though technically I'm writing this early saturday morning, but still friday night, so it's going to say I posted on saturday, and I really don't want anyone to get confused. phew. moving. on.)

So, as I was saying, my cousin and I were going to see Twilight THE second that it opened in the theater - and then we remembered that we are adults.

We went tonight instead. But all the early shows were sold out, so we saw the movie at 11:00. Because an 11:00 viewing of Twilight automatically makes you more mature than a midnight viewing.

Yeah, I was wondering what all of those junior high girls were doing at the mature 11:00 show. Obviously they didn't get the memo that the 11:00 show was particularly for mothers of young children who should be more interested in how to successfully scrape macaroni and cheese off the ceiling instead of watching a movie about vampires going to high school.

And now, if you're wanting my review on the what if Stephanie Meyers is reading every blog post that says TWILIGHT THE MOVIE in it just to see what everyone thought? It would be a big disappointment to her if I don't actually write some kind of review, right? So here it is:

What I thought of TWILIGHT THE MOVIE (I can just gear the google searches rolling on over here...or maybe I should say it one more time, TWILIGHT THE MOVIE):

It didn't tank.

My theory on any movie is to expect tanking. Then I am either pleasantly entertained by the non-tankiness, or I can just come out saying, "I knew it. What a tanker." (How many variations of "tank" is there? Did I miss any? How about tankington...naw, that just sounds like stupid name for a city.)

Also, you should know that Edward didn't totally blow in the movie. Originally, I wasn't too happy about the casting choice, but he's hot...enough. But Jacob's hair just looks all wrong (bad wig? I dunno.)

And then there was James...ooh la la. I don't know why he isn't wearing a shirt through half of it, but really with abs like that it's more like a "wow, thank you" drool drool, rather than a "get a shirt, man!"

So there you go - you should all want to go see the movie now that I've given it such high praises.

And while we are on the subject, I would like to refer you to my archives and why I was the inspiration for Bella (atleast from a Breaking Dawn point of view.) I have no comments on that particular post. Actually, it was a copy over from my private blog, because I thought it was great enough to share with the world - except that no one in the world has read it. So yeah, go read, and then comment, and then watch Twilight. At 11:00. With junior high girls who enjoyed the movie a bit too much. And then realize that you enjoyed the movie a bit too much yourself. And then dream about Edward...which is where I'm off to right now...except that he's going to have James' abs........OOOOOH LA LA.


Brooke said...

I know I am the last female on the planet that has not read the Twilight Series...So, when I obediently followed your advice to read up on your Bella Swan blog, I also noticed your disclaimer about "if you have not read this book and plan to..." So, I tried. Sorry, I just can't let go of the thought that I might have a minute or two to myself to read some day. However, I did finally see the blog about me! You are way too nice, but at least you balanced things out by telling the world that I pooped in a cup! I seriously couldn't stop laughing.

wonder woman said...

I'm going to see it tonight and can't wait. You're review is basically what I've heard elsewhere - it didn't tank.

LOVED your Bella Swan post. You are TOTALLY the inspiration!

Jen said...

This does seem to be the general consensus on the movie. Hopefully I'll be watching it sooner rather than later...

lifeinthehighlands said...

I liked the movie as much as I liked the book, which is to say, it didn't tank, either. (Although Edward's lipstick was almost tank-worthy.)

Annie Valentine said...

I would have let James bite me.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Found your blog through Jen's Jingle this morning. Love to blog jump. Almost like a game...see how far you can get until you hit a dead end (or a dud blog.) Thankfully, that certainly is not you. What a fun site you have. Great new discovery on my part. And look, you read Mary's blog too, just like me. We have so many things in common! :)

Your description of the Twilight movie was great. Kudos to you for sneaking away from 4 (?!?!) kids and taking a bit of time for yourself. Edward is worth it, no?