Nov 25, 2008

is your mom home?

Twice now I've answered my door and gotten the question, "Are your parents home?" Both times they were LDS missionaries....ok, technically the guy today has been a home for a month (but whatever, it doesn't count. A month isn't even enough time to get used to speaking English again.)

So how embarrassing is it for them to hear, "I AM the parent, dork-hanger."

And what is it about me that says, 'you couldn't possibly be in charge here?'

I was trying to take a picture of my head, thinking it was just the messy frizz hair that was the problem with this age guessing thing. But the lighting wasn't good so then I got a flashlight, and sometimes things just happen. And just because I am amused by things as simple as a flashlight and our webcam doesn't make me any less fit to be "the head of the house." Sheesh.

Screamer told his preschool teacher that his favorite Thanksgiving food is pizza. What the heck? When have we had pizza for Thanksgiving?

I have realized that sewing one sock monkey is fun. Sewing two sock monkeys is ok. Sewing seven sock monkeys? TOTALLY ANNOYING. Also, it's a good thing that my family doesn't make a habit of reading my blog (ever) because they would be ruining their big Christmas surprise. That's right, you're all getting sock monkeys. Now BE EXCITED about it!!

I made my very first pie today. Well, one that isn't in a graham cracker crust. I've made graham cracker crust ones before. But this one has REAL crust. You know - the kind that you get at the store that you just unroll and stick into a pie pan. Real crust. I got a little crazy after that though and I added cream cheese and a teeny bit of sugar to the cherry pie filling (that came out of a can.)

I'm not telling anyone the cream cheese is in there. I sure hope it tastes good... OH BUT HEY, guess what I did? I cut two little cherries and a stem out of the leftover crust edges and stuck them on top of the pie. It looks so cute. (Which makes up for the creative ingredient adding, right?)

Over the weekend I discovered that sometimes I am lucky. Like when I plan to do old fashioned-ish Christmas pictures, take two enitre days sewing all the old fashioned-ish clothes, actually get it done by the weekend, and walk into the PERFECT old fashioned-ish building, that has a spectacular Christmas scene just waiting for us (complete with sleigh.)

I also discovered that just because I happen to be temporarily lucky, doesn't mean that everyone is happy about it.


Barbaloot said...

Love this post. Love that picture. And love the term dork-hanger. Can I please say that?

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Well, I think you're cool. Does that count for anything? Judging by the looks on their faces... probably not.

Jen said...

Oh, you make me laugh! AND you can sew.

How do you handle being so cool?

Claire said...

That picture is BRILLIANT! Your kids are so funny. Part of me is glad that they're not smiling, cos i can never get my kids to smile all at once for photos. I feel like i'm not alone now...:) Just like me to take joy in other people's suffering..

Miranda said...

I love the picture of your daughter trying to get a piece of the camera action...too funny!

Koodos on the pie...and a crust. WOW. I love Maria Calendar's crusts...Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

A) When I was in first grade I told my teacher that my family was too poor to buy Valentines. So the teacher called my mom to tell her she would buy them for me. My mom was horrified. She and my dad had purchased a fancy tv for their bedroom for Christmas and joked with each other that it made them too poor to afford a b-day gift for my mom (Feb 9.) Kids say the darndest things, right? And, we are talking about the kid who said he loves your mom best because she can lick her eyeball.

B) Your mom forwarded a picture from this same sitting to a bunch of people. You know, to do the grandma gloat thing. VERY cute. I can tell that your youngest (I know her name, but I can't remember what you call her on this blog) is already catching on to the picture taking thing.

C) Your creativity disgusts me. But only because I'm jealous and petty about being jealous.

wonder woman said...

It's one thing to have people ask to talk to the mommy on the phone, but face to face? That's just ridiculous. Perhaps they assume better safe than sorry? But then they just make an assume.

I'm totally in awe of your pie skills. I've barely done a graham crack crust one, so I'm WAY impressed. And your creativity totally makes up for whatever might be lacking.

Love the Christmas picture!! Cutest clothes and setting. And weren't all the people in old pictures frowning anyway? You just get even MORE points for authenticity!

LisAway said...

Oh come on, you know you love everyone thinking you're so young.

You're very funny (I may have told you that before) and that picture is so wonderful. Truly, truly great.

Anonymous said...

Almost every time I answer the phone I am asked if my mom or dad is home. There have been times when my parents have been at my house and I have almost handed the phone to one of them. I'm thinking I should try out for a cartoon voice one of these days.

Jaron and Michelle said...

Here is the solution to the problem stop answering the door. You never know they might be just coming to attack you anyways ha ha

Tracy said...

LOL! Oh my gosh! I've missed you!!! Somehow, your blog got deleted from my blog roll, but I didn't realize it. (Must have been when I was trying to make changes because I often screw things up when I do that.) Anyhoo - I thought you just hadn't blogged in a while. Now I have some catching up to do.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?