Nov 3, 2008

about wheat grinding, and other stuff I don't do

I need to go make banana bread. Because I bought these bananas that were actually green (you know like when you go to the produce sections and ALL the bananas are green and you are thinking, "Oh, those were for today, but whatever....")

But apparently under all that green were horribly bruised banananess. So green bananas don't show bruises the same? Atleast these ones didn't.

So yeah, they're ripe now, and mostly black, so banana bread it is. Maybe I'll just make some homemade wheat bread while I'm at it. But then I'd have to get out my wheat grinder.

OH WAIT. I don't have a wheat grinder....or wheat.....and the last time I've made homemade bread of any kind was the last time we had black bananas.

I just wanted to sound really home maker-ish for a second. Because that's not really something that is included in my treasure trove of talents.

But in Relief Society they are always talking about wheat grinding and food storage and canning the wonderful vegetables that you grew in your perfect little garden. And everyone else seems to be nodding their heads like, "Oh yeah, I did just can those peaches from last week that came from the peach tree that we nurtured back to health after we got our tomatoes and green beans harvested and then fully stocked our 7 years worth of food storage, so I can totally feel like I'm doing my part as a modern day self-sustaining woman of the Church."

And then there's me. "We grow rocks. Because I kill things with leaves. And you can't can rocks....right? But once I tried to make jam, wow that was horrible. What does a wheat grinder even look like? Oh man, we're totally screwed when all the grocery stores shut down as the world is ending and we run out of the canned corn I bought at last year's caselot sale. Oh crap, do we even have any of those left? How long can you live off of uncooked macaroni and cheese? Ugh."

But hey, I AM going to go make banana bread out of those decievingly bruised bananas. And maybe try to hit the caselot sale again this year...


Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

Way to go Melissa. You've gone and set off my "the world is ending and you're gonna starve" meter. Now I have to start worrying about it again and planning for putting food storage in my minuscule apartment with no storage. I believe I remember watching an LDS movie about a missionary that comes home and his mom made him a bed out of food storage. Maybe I'll do that!

LisAway said...

Thanks so much, Melissa. I am possibly your only reader who understands why you posted this today, so I'll fill everyone in.

Melissa is trying to prove that she's not the epitome of perfect Mormon Motherhood after some of us were feeling bad while looking at the a-MAY-zing costumes she sewed with her own two hands.

Thanks for that.

Jen R. said...

ha ha whenever they say you need to have to have wheat for your food storage my first thought is always "what the h- do I do with wheat?" I wouldn't even know where to start. My children would be eating wheat, however it comes out of the food storage package

*MARY* said...

I've never canned, ground, or jammed anything in my life. But we have a lot of canned fruit cocktail in heavy syrup, so we'll be fine.

Barbaloot said...

Those bananas are totally deceiving! I always think I'm being smart by buying the green ones...and they turn black before I ever eat them. Bother.

Tracy said...

a fellow black thumb!!!

When my parents moved, my mom gave me an ivy plant that she'd had for 11 years. It was from our wedding and she'd kept it alive all that time. She told me, "You better not kill my plant!"

So I've been trying to keep it alive. It's okay. But really - it's a miracle that it's not all brown by now.

Claire said...

I'm with you. I plan on giving my food storage (two tins of kidney beans) to some random old magic man in the street, in exchange for some magic beans.. that Robbie will throw out the window in disgust, and then in the morning time, I'll wake up and there'll be a huge beanstalk and at the top there'll be a giant who I'll nick gold from and we shall eat like kings for the rest of our lives. Yes.

Hannah said...

I stumbled across your blog and it's so cute! Love it.

Anyway, you (and some others who commented) mentioned that you are a little lost when it comes to food storage. You are right, it IS confusing and overwhelming. For the longest time I didn't even store wheat either because I thought it was pointless to have without a grinder.

Anyway, a couple months ago my friend and I started a food storage blog (mostly to motivate ourselves to do our food storage), and I have learned SO MUCH! If you get a chance, please stop by! I'm positive it can help you out. We also share lots of recipes using ONLY food storage food (including wheat, and it doesn't always have to be ground into flour!).

Anyway, good luck with your food storage. It seems overwhelming but once you start, it can be a lot of fun.

Good luck!
Hannah @

Carol said...

I just figured the in laws have food storage sorted for a family of 8 and only 3 of them are at home now and we live hours closer than the other kids that left home. So when the world is ending I'm using my key and looting their house.

They'd probably be on vacation anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I used to have food storage. Now, I have 3 teenage boys. I can't keep food in the house. The only thing left in our storage is stuff nobody will eat.

Yes, that means we still have wheat.