Nov 17, 2008

do I hear wedding guitars?

This past weekend I played 'photog' at my aunt's wedding, and realized that HOLY COW am I bad at photographing weddings. I thought for sure that everyone was going to focus directly on my horrible camera skills, and then my Uncle Charlie showed up with a coyote on his head.

Coyote headgear is always good for stealing some attention away from inadequate photographers.

Except the thing is, this is not the first time Uncle Charlie has worn a dead animal on his head. In fact, I think he tries to wear some kind of carcass to each and every wedding reception he attends (and he comes to them all - he's good like that.)

Family events are generally interesting, or atleast have moments of genuine "wow"-ness. And I guess it all just depends on how you interpret that "wow."

Monkey has fallen in love with the guitar. Ok not a real guitar, even though I pulled mine out yesterday and he fully attacked it. But what I'm really talking about the Guitar Hero type guitar. You wouldn't think a 21 month old could get so excited over the opening riff of the game. But the second he hears those guitars he throws his little chubby fist into the air and yells, "YEEEAAAAHHH!" and then dances a little bit.

We have to play every day. (That's my excuse anyway.) And Monkey always cries when we turn it off. We could play all day long and he'd still cry when we're done.

He's a crazy guitar loving kid.

During all waking hours, hanging around Monkey's neck is our little plastic guitar that somewhat resembles the big plastic version of Guitar Hero. If I weren't such a cruel cruel human being, the child would be sleeping with it right now.

And how does this tie into my aunt's wedding, you ask. Well, while I stayed at the reception taking a grand total of 365 pictures (there's gotta be some good ones in there...right?) my children were at my in laws doing this:

Cute isn't it? And now you can say that you knew Monkey Bastow before he became a huge rock star, and that we always knew he had it in him.


Jen R. said...

Too cute! And I bet you're a fantastic photog

Annie Valentine said...

1. You are definitely not boring.
2. Your kid is cute.
3. I like your blog.
4. I am a crappy blog reader/commenter and yet somehow still want to see what you have to say.
5. Blogging every day isn't all it's cracked up to be.
6. I can't think of anything else.

Barbaloot said...

Awesome picture! And also, this is the first time I've ever heard mention of Monkey...and I kind of love that you call your child that. And my kind of I mean seriously:)

*MARY* said...

My kids can't let go of the rock band drumsticks. The guitar is all mine; I don't let them touch it.

LisAway said...

I have a feeling Monkey Bastow won't have to look very far for a most excellent name for his band. Or, I mean he won't have to look at all.

Claire said...

I hate weddings. I know they're meant to be great fun and an uplifting day etc etc.... but the day is just too long. I think there's a lot to be said for eloping.

HAhaha... I'm such a miserable so and so.

I hate christmas too. And New Year. And anything else that normal folk find fun.

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

The first time I met Uncle Charlie (that I remember) was when he showed up at Twilla's reception wearing a Mountain Man leather jacket complete with leather fringe & a coon skin cap. Or maybe it was a skunk. I think it was a skunk.

I think it's kind of him to always show up. And I think it's nice that he keeps track of everyone. He called me when I moved to SLC to let me know I could call him if I need anything.

wonder woman said...

love him playing guitar. And it makes me feel not-so-bad that I play lego star wars with my oldest while his brother naps. Bonding with boys over video games is GREAT!!

I wish we had rockband or a wii, though. I might play those more than at nap times.

And do we get to see ANY wedding pics?!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is an awesome picture. He looks SO REAL! That might as well be Chris Daughtry

That Girl in Brazil said...

I want to pat his cute little bum. In a very non-pedophile way. More like in a cannibalistic way. Can I eat him?

Jen said...

Wow, I see my famous sister likes your blog. You must feel so cool now.

But I've liked your blog longer than her, so there.

And your child? Adorable!