Nov 8, 2008

fluffy fluffy

Free tickets to Disney on Ice. That's right. I had some.

Husband and I ditched the babies and took Curly and Screamer to the matinee today. It was really really fun. And thank goodness those tickets were free because we wanted treats and everything cost more than our house.

A bag of cotton candy -$10.00. That's right. For a plastic bag, about 1 tablespoon of sugar and fluffy fluffy AIR.

A box of popcorn - $7.00. For a flimsy box with Mickey's picture on it, some unpopped kernels and fluffy fluffy AIR.

Snowcones, in plastic disney cups with flippy lids - $10.00. Atleast they weren't filled with air. This time it was two squirts of flavoring on a big ball of FROZEN WATER.

Yeah......atleast the tickets were free.

And it was really fun.

I've never seen anything like that before. I was quite the deprived child - how could my parents have never taken me to see costumed ice skaters? Rude.

During the show I noticed that Curly has officially learned to be an expert "WHOOOOOO"er. She has learned from the best (me.) And when your hands are full of cotton candy and snowcone a good "WHOOOOO" is just as good as clapping.

On the way, Screamer kept saying, "We're going to DISNEYLAND!" And then I'd say, "Yeah! Well, sort of." He sat in awe the entire time. Literally. No emotion displayed across his chubby little face- just AWE.

So here are our favorite parts of the show:

Both the kids agree that The Incredibles were the most entertaining. They do a skit where Elastagirl is actually stretching. It was HILARIOUS - or so they say.

Husband liked Beauty and Beast. I'm not really sure why. He's a bit more sappily romantic than I am. Also, Gaston gets hit with a big fake lightening bolt and dies on top of the castle. That could be it.

I liked the whole show. But I was really wanting to see someone fall down. Someone in a big costume. Like when Bruce, the shark from Nemo, comes out he's so big that there are two sets of legs skating him around. But that's all you see - legs. And how funny would it be if they got off balance and Bruce slides out on his back with those two sets of legs kicking in the air? I would totally have died laughing.

Except that during a big number one dude actually did fall. But he wasn't in a costume. And it was because he was doing this big twirly spinny thing, which I'm thinking is hard. And it wasn't actually funny. But his legs didn't kick around in the air or anything, so maybe that's why.

Anyways, that's what I did today. I highly recommend getting free tickets to Disney on Ice, and then saving your money so you can buy fluffy fluffy air while you're there.


Youngblood4ever said...

I found your blog from Mary- who I totally love. Hope you don't mind my stalking. Loved this post. I love to pay for air- it's the best!

Tiff said...

Thanks for reminding me to take out a personal loan when I finally get to go see this! LOL
Sounds like you had a great time, hooray for free tickets!

LisAway said...

How fun! I've heard people are often surprised at how cool these are.

And when people fall while ice skating it's only funny when their legs are kicking in the air, as you mention, or if they're 9 years old or younger (preferably younger) and they fall hard on their bum then look up at you with huge wide eyes in shock, right before the tears come. That's pretty funny, too. But only because you know exactly how they feel.