Nov 2, 2008

halloweeeeeny weekend

My mom and step-dad came for Halloween. Which is totally cool, because I'll take advantage of any familial Balderdash playing. That game is so entertaining. Here are some answers to last night's game:

Movie plots:

"The Point" (the true and hilarious answer) Animated movie about the rejection felt by a round headed child in a world of point headed people.

"The Point?" (my version) Two hours of some guy walking around, going on and on about nothing in particular.

"ALI: Fear That Eats the Soul" (the funniest version, thanks to Husband) A woman makes a deal to trade her soul to the devil for the ability to get revenge on her exboyfriend's girlfriend.

Wouldn't you watch any of those? Ok, maybe not my version of "The Point?" but the other ones....oh yeah.

One of the favorite categories of the evening was Acronyms.

I.C.S.S.A. (from the mind of my mother)
International Coalition of Sea Surfing Amputees.

B.L.O.O.P. (my best answer of the night)
Barley Licking Ostrich Opportunists who Paint (as a hobby.)

I still don't understand why I always lose horribly at that game.

And now, since I like to show off my children and their Halloween costumes took a particularly long and gruesome time to sew, here ya go:

Little Red Riding Hood. She was STINKING ADORABLE.

The Big Bad Wolf in Grandmother's Clothing. (Or if you ask my husband he'll tell you that he looks like a character from Narnia - he's supportive, that man.) He didn't like his glasses, or when we tied his hat on so that he couldn't rip it off. NO FUN, really. I mean, who doesn't want to wear a suit of fake fur and old lady accessories?

That Big Bad Wolf is one scary toddler. (He scares me anyway.)

I didn't make this one. I made Batman and Robin costumes last year (complete with shiny black boots, gloves and briefs) and have vowed to never make superhero costumes again as long as I live. Ugh, those were a pain.

Here's our littlest one. She was a Halloweeny Orange and Black possibly Witch Girl. Ok, so she was more just cute and not so costumey. She's 5 months old, she didn't really care.

And now I'll be gaining about 55 pounds of pure candy weight. Because I would be a horrible mother if I let my children eat that much sugar. But we can't just waste it. So I will be the selfless person that I humbly proclaim to be, and eat it myself. I know. I'm so incredibly awesome. can stop bowing now.


Jen R. said...

Oh my gosh! You made those!? I'm clapping for you right now. I LOVE little red riding hood. The bloomers are to die for. I was proud of myself for painting t shirts for my husband and myself...and I stapled a piece of foam into a cone for a hat. STAPLED! I didn't even glue it or sew it. ha ha Bravo to you! And the kids are adorable!

the MomBabe said...

Um, LOVE Red Riding Hood. And baby is to die for! And why can't boys just let us dress them however we want! complaining about accessories, the very nerve!

Barbaloot said...

Way impressive costumes!!
Also-I think I need your version of Balderdash. Ours is just the one where you make up word definitions and I've decided I hate it. Actually, I loathe it. But yours looks fun:)

LisAway said...

So cute!! Your little Witch Girl looks just the way you draw her. Darling. Nice work on the costumes. Can you please stop being so domestic? I can barely sew a straight line. . .

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

Your creativity sickens me. But only because I have none of it.

wonder woman said...

cute kids and costumes.......and I am also TOTALLY selfless in eating the Halloween candy because I just CAN'T let my kids consume that much sugar. I had good intentions of taking the candy to a local dentist's office who offered cash for candy......but just couldn't do it. They got some REALLY good stuff this year. So I consumed 10 lbs. of candy instead of getting cash to buy clearanced costumes.

Worst mother EVER! =D