Nov 7, 2008

on the subject of potty training

Screamer will turn 4 in december. That's next month, folks. And hey guess what? He's still in diapers.

I know, it's so embarrassing.

The kid just refuses to do it. He has the ability and everything is set up well (we've had the chart, stickers and rewards for almost a year now.) But still, the diapers.

We've done the whole "just stick him in underwear" thing. He pees and goes, "Hey look, I'm wet." And then he continues to play. UNeffective.

We've bribed and thrown candy at the kid for even mentioning the toilet. UNeffective.

We've had a stinking Optimus Prime (the big one) sitting on our fridge to taunt and "influence" the kid into peeing in the pot since July. And sometimes we push the buttons on it in an effort to up the desire. UNeffective.

We've told him that we can't go to Disneyland if he's not going in a toilet. (Those Disneyland plans fell through anyway) but still, UNeffective.

So this is my new strategy.

Diapers are now called "BABY diapers." With a big emphasis on the B-A-B-Y. This saddens Screamer. Because I say stuff like, "It's time to change your baby diaper, it's too bad you have to wear that BABY diaper, hey Curly can you hand me that BIG BABY DIAPER for Screamer to wear?"

And then Screamer sticks out his lip and says, "But I not a baby, I a big boy."

And then I say, "But big boys put their peepee in the potty."

And then he feels bad some more.


But guess what? He's peed in the toilet TWICE yesterday. That's a record for him. AND he is in the bathroom for the second time already today, and it's only 10:00.

So apparently I'm not ashamed of belittling and manipulating my child for the sake of potty training. Please tell me that I'm not the only one?


Jen R. said...

ha ha very good tactics. Think if it this way, the end results justufy the means! I'm just teasing I think it is good for him to understand that diapers are for BABIES and potty is for big boys! My husband is a twin who's twin was potty trained first. He says he remembers his dad calling him "Diaper Dan" and that's what made him want to potty train. His parenting may have been ineffective though because then his dad started calling him toilet tim. Ok I'm done rambling

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

Hate to break it to you Melissa, but that doesn't make you a horrible parent. It's actually a very effective parenting strategy and I'm willing to bet you real money that it's a suggestion parenting resources or child development professionals would have offered (if that isn't where you got the idea).

LisAway said...

I agree with Heather. Perfect idea. And it's totally true. Diapers are for babies. Three year olds arent' babies any more. (both Ev and Dave were out of diapers just after they turned two, but I think with Aaron it will end up being muuuuuuuch later.)

Tracy said...

"Big boys put their peepee in the potty" ROFLOL!!!!!

Hey - I'm a firm believer that there often comes a time when they're just manipulating us and unless we manipulate back, we've lost the upper hand.

It's working - and sometimes - whatever works is A-O-K!!!


*MARY* said...

I went to kindergarten with a kid who still wasn't potty trained.

the MomBabe said...

you're not alone. and i like your turkey pig.

Mom said...

I potty trained a day care child when he was 3 and I realized his Mom had no intention of taking on that challenge. I explained to him that he could wear big boy pants only if he kept them dry. If they were wet - he wears nothing until he washes the big boys and they dry. Same thing if he messes the pants, he had to rinse them in the toilet, wash them with soap in the sink and hang them to dry AND clean up his own bottom. It's a lot of work and he decided it was easier to use the potty than all that stinky clean up. He only had to do it once and Ta-Da! He was trained. Because at that age he was certainly old enough to be responsible for his bodily functions. This worked for my nephew who insisted that his mom HAD to clean him up! But when she didn't - he didn't poop his pants again. Called his bluff!