Nov 4, 2008

me whining about not being able to read your blog

So I really want to go and read everyone's new posts. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO.

But I'm being a stupid grownup and getting some stuff done instead. Except that since I'm also now a NaBloPoMo-er, I need to write about something today. And since I'm responsible and stuff, I thought I'd write on the blog before doing lesser important going to vote.

Holy cow am I going to get comments for that last sentence.

Don't worry, I will get around to voting sometime 8:55 tonight, right before the polls close. (I'm anticipating a line.)

But first, here is some stuff about a few of my cool bloggy friends.

The other day Jen was writing over at Desperately Seeking Skinny Pants about her resolve to not touch the Halloween candy. It's totally a great idea. So I tried it, and instead of eating the candy I stuck my whole face into the candy bucket and started sniffing.

Sniffing just isn't the same. That was the shortest no-candy resolve in the history of dietous resolving. So I should probably just stick to reading blogs called "Desperately Seeking Mid-Sized Stretchy Jeans that Have Elastic at the Top."

I also like reading about how Diet Coke and Zingers lost so much weight with Weight Watchers. She's funny. Also I'm feeling really fat these days and like to read about skinny people so that I feel even more pathetically chunky, and then maybe I'll stop sniffing -and eating out of- the candy bucket.

Oh, and DC&Z (ha, that's a cool acronym), if you want to come over to my house I'm totally not cleaning, but you have to bring me the biggest fountain diet coke you can find.

Go buy a Stupid Twilight t-shirt from Annie. Or buy two. Or maybe seven. She really needs to spend a romantic whirlwind weekend with her lover, who also happens to be her husband. (It's really great when husbands also end up being our lovers, don't you think?)

Lastly, Lisa, no lolling.

I wanted to use a lot of L's in a row, but I think I need another L word to complete it. How about this one: Linoleum.

Ok, so I stole that L word from this song.

And now onto more grownup things that I have to do.........whoooopie-doodle......I hate being a grownup.


Tiff said...

LOL I bought my first elastic waist jeans this summer when hubby and I went camping and LOVED them, no matter how tacky and old ladiesh they are!

Tracy said...

I think I related too much to your post. I'm usually a really healthy eater, but my kids have all this candy and I have a really bad cold, so it actually tastes good. (Candy doesn't always taste that good to me, so it's usually easy to ignore it.)

So I've been eating a ton of candy with orange juice (I need the vitamin C to get better, I think). Not that it really makes sense - to drink OJ for nutrients when I'm loading up on empty calories.

I'm thinking I need to just throw it all out. Yes. I've decided. Tonight's our last candy night and then I'm throwing it all in the trash. And the trash comes tomorrow, so it will be GONE. Whew!!! (Not that I would pull it out of the big trash can outside. That would be gross! It's just nice to know it will really BE gone.)

Barbaloot said...

It's true. Voting's important. Go do it. But first, read my blog, cuz hi-way more important! JK

*MARY* said...

I voted for Lance Bass.

Charlie Hills said...

Tiff, I thought you said, "electric waist jeans," and I really wanted to see those.

Anonymous said...

My girls are already out of candy. Next year I'm making them walk farther.

By the way, being a grown-up: highly over-rated.

LisAway said...

"Desperately Seeking Mid-Sized Stretchy Jeans that Have Elastic at the Top."

LOL!!! (I did it just this once. For you)

Jen said...

Sniffing? You're killing me. Like that tactic ever ended in anything less than a binge!

If you weren't so hilarious, I'd be disappointed with the obvious failure of my inspirational-and-practically-religious diet post, but as usual you cracked me up which lessens the sting considerably.

And thanks for the linky-link. You ROCK!

Tiff said...

Charlie, yeah those electric waist jeans would be pretty cool! Don't know about comfortable though lol

Annie Valentine said...

Mary is a liar, she didn't vote.

I used to think you were awesome, and now I think you are the coolest most awesome person ever. I know I'll sell at least seven shirts to some lucky fool because of this plug.