Nov 11, 2008

that is one fruity turkey

My daughter has to take snacks to Kindergarten. I don't think that most Kindergartens make you still donate food, do they? I thought that was just a preschool thing. But still, the snacks.

So I am going to use this as a way to earn parenting points. I've decided to make some kind of amazing snack each month. Because then people would look at it and be totally jealous of my finger food skills. Which is really what parenting is all about.

Except that the first time we had snacks I forgot. And then remembered 15 minutes before the bus showed up. And we hadn't gone grocery shopping for awhile. So I threw some cheese between some tortillas and nuked them. Every kid likes quesadillas, right? Plus I threw in some raisins, so no one should be complaining there.

October went a little better. I stole some ideas from a magazine and that day the Kindergartners ate bread stick bones and monster eyeballs made out of dried fruit. They were a big hit.

Today was Curly's november snack day. November is a good month for creativity. Somewhere online I found this really cool turkey made entirely of fruit. We swapped in some construction paper in a few places, but look at this thing:

I know. I totally rock the finger food.

Except that the turkey example that I saw had only 7 kabob feathers, and this one had to have 20. That's kind of a huge difference. And it also makes it practically impossible for a 5 year old to take on the bus. But after spending 1.5 hours on it this morning, there was no way it was getting mutilated before it's grand kindergarten reveal.

So instead I loaded all the kids into the car to take the turkey (and my Kindergartner) to school.

Which would have been fine.

Except that I wasn't sure how much time to give ourselves. So I left way too early. And then the kids actually cooperated going into the school while I carried the snack (which hadn't been part of the plan at all.) So we walked into Curly's classroom 20 minutes early.

The teacher was just sitting down to eat her lunch.

I felt bad. But we were there, what could I do?

Plus we had to drive Screamer to his preschool class which was in a different elementary school. So atleast he'd make it on time, right?

Except guess what? His class doesn't actually start at that time. It really starts in 20 minutes. Someone should really pay attention to details like this. But when someone is used to having the bus take her kids to school everyday, things like the actual beginning of class just don't seem important enough to stick around in that someone's brain.

The preschool teacher was not very happy about this.

I felt like a 3 year old sitting in time out. But we were there, what could I do?

And now I'm going to get notes in their backpacks probably going something like this:

Dear Mrs. Bastow,
School is not a daycare. Please do not bring your child 20 minutes early to class, even if you are only doing it because you wanted to preserve the structure of your fruity turkey and can't tell time.
Thank you.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. They were early. I'm a dork. Deal with it - I made a stinking turkey out of fruit, what do you want?!!


Tracy said...

awesome job on the turkey!

I'm actually impressed that you got everyone in the car and to school 20 minutes early. What a great screw up to make!

If it was me, I'd probably be 20 minutes late, walk in, disrupting class, and getting glared at by the teacher.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Dude, with a turkey like that, you should have been able to drop the kid off an hour early and not hear a word about it!

LisAway said...

That is one fabulous turkey. Between that and your kids knowing all about Columbus Day you should must be the star parent! Oh, except your kids didn't know about Columbus day, I seem to remember. Whatever. The turkey is more than enough to gain you star parent status.

Barbaloot said...

Are olives a fruit?
Awesome turkey!

Melissa Bastow said...

Those aren't olives, those, black cherries. That's it. Ok ok, those are olives, we needed more filler.

*MARY* said...

I'm so glad real turkeys don't taste like fruit. That would be gross when I pour my gravy on it.

lifeinthehighlands said...

Our school only lets kids bring store bought treats. Now I don't have to feel bad about not spending hours on homemade stuff.

Love the turkey!

wonder woman said...

I did something similar when Spiderman had to take snacks to preschool for his birthday. (And yes, I've never heard of a kdg that has kids bring snacks. Weird.) But I didn't go NEARLY as far as you - I just make rice krispies with candy corn. Except I forgot to add the conday corn till after I had poured the stuff in the pan. Whoops. But I put them in cute little Halloween baggies (that I got 11/3 for 75% off) and was so pround of myself. Not that the parents even know it was me. Whatever.

But back to you.....(how do I always go crazy in my comments?) your turkey ROCKS. And it couldn't have gone on the bus. And better early than late. And "somebody should really pay attention to details like this" --> CRACK ME UP, GIRL!!! =D

p.s. I'm officially adding you to my reader. Sorry it's taken so long.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is the cutest Turkey I have ever seen.

But I think it's very UNCALLED for that you have to bring snacks once a month.

I remember the days when I had 4 kids under 5 years. Oh, wait, that was 4 kids under 4 years old because I had twins. I don't remember much of it.

It gets wayyyy better.