Sep 22, 2009

aliens and the devil's number

You know in the movie "Signs" where the alien is trapped in the pantry? And Mel Gibson wants to get a good look at it, so he's trying to peek under the door, but suddenly an alien claw shoots out of the crack by the floor and he has to chop it's fingers off with a big kitchen knife?

Sometimes when I'm sitting on my toilet I'm afraid an alien claw is going to shoot out at the bottom of the door and grab my foot.

I just can't help it. And with the way our master bathroom is situated the door is right there lending alien claws easy access to my feet.

I wonder if I should start taking a knife into the bathroom.

Then again, it might be kind of awkward trying to wipe with a knife in my hand.

I like to do sudoku puzzles. They're fun. Unless they are the highest difficult level ones. The ones that say "HARD" at the top (usually these are at the end of any sudoku book.) I don't like those ones. Because they weren't kidding - they're hard.

When I am filling things out I like to recite the numbers in my head while I see which spots they could fit. So if I'm trying to fill in a row of numbers and I need to figure out threes, I'll mentally say "three" in each square that a three could possibly fit.

It helps me focus.

Except when I get to the sixes.

Because I really don't feel comfortable reciting triplet sixes in my head. It is the devil's number you know. And what if by thinking it I'll invoke the wrath of Satan on my sudoku puzzle?

That's the last thing I need when I'm doing sudoku. Especially when I get to the hard section.

I read a funny teen book the other day. It was written in the UK. Man, their slang cracks me up. Joke's in UK humor sound so much funnier. I wonder if the people there think Americans are funny? Maybe they all just think we're a bunch of morons? Someone, please enlighten me.

Did you notice that I got rid of all my ads?

Yeah, those things were -let's face it- POINTLESS. No one ever wants to click on them. Heck, I never even felt compelled to click. So I replaced them with shots of my family. That way when I'm talking about the kids or Husband you won't go, "WHO?!!"

My brother & sister-in-laws twins are doing ok. As ok as to be expected anyway. One of them had heart surgery this evening that went well, and the other will probably have the same surgery soon. They still have lots to go through, but seem to have minimal-ish far.

Thanks to everyone who have donated or put the button on their blogs. You're awesome.

They will still need some help though, so if you've been compelled to do something good today, please choose them. They really do deserve it.


JennyMac said...

I am SO with you on the triplet sixes..ugh. I avoid this combo like the Swine flu.

Barbaloot said...

Oh-I love Sudoku. It's the best airplane time-passing activity there is.

And, I've never seen Signs...I'm pretty glad after reading what you little you wrote here.

Please keep updating us on the twins!

Chief said...

Still praying for your little ones. Wish your family well from all of us

Rocketgirl said...

I'm convinced there are alligators undermy bed, ready to snap at my ankles as I get in so I have to do a running just. Why alligators? I have absolutely no idea. But that's for now giving me a phobia of toilet claws. *shudder*

Emmy said...

Oh great, I had almost forgotten about that movie. Now I am going to have to keep my feet up while peeing.

Rachel Sue said...

I'm glad the twins are doing okay.

And that is like the most vivid image from just about any movie that I have ever seen. I try to avoid thinking about it.

Heather said...

Have you ever noticed that you have quite a few issues with your bathroom? Shower curtain, duck on the floor, now alien fingers under the door? It's as if your bathroom is your own personal psychological thriller.

LisAway said...

Ack! How cute are those people over there!?!!

I think the only logical solution to your bathroom problem is to get a blade the same length as the door in your bathroom and install it on a something that makes it go up and down in a chopping motion the entire time you're in there.