Oct 15, 2010

slug bug yellow, smart fart blue

The other day I taught my kids how to play "slug bug" in the car. 

Although I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet is required to know what this game is, there might be someone somewhere who doesn't know, so here are the rules:

1- See a Volkswagon Beetle of any year
2- Punch your nearest neighbor and say "Slug Bug Yellow!"  (or whatever the color of the Volkswagon Beetle you see.)
3- You have to punch your neighbor before they punch you (hence the "slug" part of the game).
4- I can't remember why you have to do it first.  You just do.  So punch first, ok?

When Two Bits got confused and asked why anyone would ever want to play "Slug Bug" I very expertly told her, "Because it's fun to punch people."  And that was the end of the questions.

I also taught them what a "perdiddle" was. 

I don't even know how to spell "perdiddle".  And since my spell check is going all highlighty (like it does on the word "highlighty") I'm thinking I'm way off, but really don't care how it's spelled.

If you grew up under a rock or had some sort of deprived childhood and have no idea what a "perdiddle" is either, here are the rules:

1- See a car with one headlight out
2- Kiss your hand
3- Hit the ceiling of the car
4- Say "perdiddle!!"
5- Do it before anyone else in the car.  Because you get to keep score on this one.  And perdiddle semi's count for about 10 points.  Unless you're playing with your husband and then they count 20 for you and -5 for him.

("Perdiddle" is always a good game to play with a boyfriend because you can say that the points are worth actual kisses, or minutes kissing.  And then your boyfriend will lose on purpose, and let you get tons and tons of points, because then you'll be kissing him a long time, and it's not like that really makes him a loser at all.  It's not such a fun game to play once your married though.  Unless the points equal butt-kissing minutes in which you can force your husband to do rubbing your feet, or washing toilets.)

Since it was still light ourside and the kids couldn't really play "perdiddle" they asked if there were any more fun car games where they got to hit stuff and yell.  But I didn't know any.  So I thought it would be fun to think of my own car game.

Now you can teach your kids "Smart Fart" next time you're trapped in the car with them.  It's gonna be great.  Here are the rules:

1- See a Smart Car
2- Yell, "Smart Fart Blue" (Or whatever color the car is that you see.)
3- And then - NO, NOT FART.  Because eeeeew.  Punching people is one thing.  Farting is a whole other matter. - you put your thumb on your forehead and spread your fingers apart which is the official international sign of "it wasn't me."
4- If you're the last one to make the "it wasn't me" sign after seeing a smart car, then everyone else gets to make smelly jokes about you all they want.

See?  It's great!


cc said...

I don't know perdiddle, but I didn't think I grew up under a rock ;)

Or maybe we played something similar. Cadillac whack?

Smart fart sounds awesome. I can totally see this going viral, and someday my kids will see someone else playing it across the country and we'll totally know the person that started it!

RhondaLue said...

here's another one: Any time you go under a bridge, overpass, tunnel, you take a deep breath before going in and you have to yell loud as you can the whole way through. It's fun under long tunnels to see if anyone is quick at passing out, not so fun when grandma takes the kids somewhere using a freeway and the kids give her a heart attack because she wasn't prepared for "the tunnel screaming game" my bad!

It's hilarious when you go under one over pass after another with very short breaks in between. :)

Kristina P. said...

My family never played either of these, when I was growing up. I am deprived.

Alison Wonderland said...

Been there, know those (although it's a pediddle in my world) except for the smart fart game.
But what's with VW trying to make the slug bug game about all VWs not just bugs? That's just dumb.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I think you and my husband must have grown up together, at least in the same small town. Because he knew all these games, and I had never heard of them until I met him.

Jen said...

I used to love slug bug. I like the butt-kissing method. I could go for a foot massage.