Oct 12, 2010

you can never have too many posts about boobs

Do you think anyone has ever really worn a coconut bra in seriousness?  Like they had nothing else to cover their boobs, so they were like, "Hey look, coconuts!" 

Because I seriously doubt it.

Just like I really highly doubt mermaids slap starfish to their chests and call it an ensemble.  Or use coordinating seashells.  Because seashells would be just as uncomfortable as coconuts.  And I think the starfish would probably just try to eat mermaid boobs if they were the bra of choice.

So that leaves one to wondering....

If you were trapped on an island filled with coconuts, but no bras, would you try it? 

Or would you reach into the ocean and look for some seashells/boob-eating-starfish?

Because I'm thinking, in that type of situation, I would just do what the women in remote parts of Africa do.  Just let it all hang out.  Let them sag and swing.  And, if need be, stretch them to feed hungry babies in opposite directions from two feet away.  Because I saw an African woman do that on tv once.

Plus, my boobs are already pretty saggy.  It's not like a couple of dorky old coconuts are going to keep them from dragging on the ground.


Kristina P. said...

You are preaching to the choir, sister!!

Juli said...

Love it! I choose commando style!! If you don't wanna see it, don't look!! :)

LisAway said...

None of the above. I would never put myself in a position to be trapped on an island.

Plus, coconuts don't come in my size. (at least not after I stop nursing)

Wonder Woman said...

The best days are ones where I have no reason to put on a bra. If I were marooned on an island, going commando would be a definite perk.

Barbaloot said...

Am I trapped by myself? Cuz if so, I probly wouldn't care. If there were people around, I'd use coconut leaves. They look a little more comfortable:)

My Life as a Real House Wife said...

I'm sure after you had a kid people would run away screaming at everyone instead of being like Ow Boobs!! But this is why we all need Plastic Surgery!!

RhondaLue said...

I can barely stand underwire, forget coconuts!!!

I've seen that African mother boob stretch thing before too. amazing. Ha HA!