Oct 1, 2010

a list - the first draft

I'm all in Christmas mode today.  Not sure why, since, you know, it's October 1st.  All I know is that I've been thinking all day of awesome things Santa could bring my kids this year.

I know that the Santa gifts have to be stellar this year, because we're instituting the "1 gift to wear, 1 gift to read, 1 gift to play with" thing at our house.  I'm pretty sure the concept will kill me dead.  I have a major tendency to go overboard at Christmas.  And by overboard, I mean, TOTALLY INSANE.  My kids get spoiled and our bank calls and asks if our credit cards have been stolen due to all the purchases.

Last year, when we were super horrendously broke, I ended up making a gazillion gifts.  Making gifts is ok for a few things.  But a gazillion home made gifts just turned me into a sleep-deprived, over-stressed, Scrooge-like maniac.  And that was NO FUN.  Hence the vow to do the simple, everyone gets 3 gifts thing.

Except that the Santa gift doesn't count - it's not part of the deal.  Because my kids are all still young enough to harbor the myth and would probably croak on Christmas morning if we told them Santa was in on our 3 gift policy.

So this is what Santa is thinking about bringing:

Have you seen the new Leapster Explorer?  We got a couple of Leapster 2's a few years ago.  But the Explorer?  WAY MORE AWESOME.  The thing has apps.  Yeah.  For your 4-8 year old.  I don't even have apps.  I was happy enough when I figured out how to text.  Opie would probably run through hot coals to get a Leapster Explorer.

I've wanted to get Monkey a real guitar for about 2.4 years.  He used to be obsessed with guitars.  So I thought once he phased out of his destruction streak and grew fingers long enough to play a Baritone Ukelele the world would be infinetly better.  Except that he hasn't quite done either.  Plus, Baritone Ukelele's?  EXPENSIVE.  So now I'm just thinking regular ukelele, and if it has a palm tree painted on it, even better.

You know what I want to get Number Four?  (This was decided after much online surfing and thoughtful pondering on the subject.)  A big cardboard house and a major package of crayons.  What with her love of coloring on walls, this is perfect, I tell you.

Is a 7 year old too young for an ipod?  Because I don't even have one yet.  But then again, I would rather stream than buy songs ANY day.  I think I just need to get a phone that will actually go online and let me play Pandora whenever I want.  Except that would probably require an app, and you know, I don't have any (not that I have an app-compatible phone anyawy).  But I think Two Bits would like some kind of MP3 player, as long as it came with cute headphones - her priorities are rather 7-year-old-like.

You know what Santa is going to bring me?!!  (Because I found that too.)  I have been wanting a Rubicks Cube for pretty much ever.  Or at least since last february when I used one to make Husband a photo cube for Valentine's Day and then Two Bits got a hold of it and twisted it until it was a disaster and I played with it for a week trying to figure it out just to end up giving up and peeling off all the little photo squares and rearranging them back on the right sides.  That was frustrating.  I want a second round with the Rubicks Cube, but I'm totally not peeling off photo squares to get it.  So I need a new one.  But I don't want any regular old Rubicks Cube.  No way.  I found one on ebay that was a SUDOKU RUBICKS CUBE.  I know!!!  I almost peed a little in excitement.

So pretty much that's my list.  Except for Husband.  Maybe I'll just stick some socks in his stocking this year.  It worked so well last year.  And after I get done spending all that money on my kids, I won't have any cash left to get him anything remotely cool.  I'll probably change my mind about 783.2 times before I buy anything anyway.  But as long as I get my Sudoku Rubicks Cube, Christmas will be awesome.


Kristina P. said...

Sidoku Rubicks Cube sounds like the Mario Lopez and Rachel Ray of games, rolled all into one. Horrible.

Cynthia said...

Sometimes it's enough just to think about it. I have no clue what our budget will be this year. Money has gotten tight around here too. If I get one of the two jobs I applied for, we'll have a regular Christmas. If not, I think your '3 gift' thing will be just the ticket.

Even in good years the Hubs and I don't get each other much. We'd rather put what we have into the kids so we do dollar store gifts for each other so the kids can SEE the importance of gifting but it doesn't break the bank. We get stuff in spurts all year round so not a big deal.

Still, I love figuring out what to get our kids and I also have a tendency to buy too much for Christmas. We're down to only one Santa believer so it's sorta sad. Then again, it will make things easier when she finally figures it out- which I hope is at least another year away.

LisAway said...

I love the 3 gift idea. I've heard of it before (but it rhymed and maybe there were four things?) I would like to do it, but we each give each other one present and I'm not sure how to organize it. We'll see.

And I think I recall you posting video of Monkey "playing" guitar probably two years ago. I loved that. :)

Awesome that you're already planning. I'm gonna start now, too. :)

Claire said...

I went round Costco today. All the christmas stuff was making my eyes bleed. I'm SO not ready for Christmas.. >:(

Barbaloot said...

I just can't even think about Christmas gifts right now. I have no idea what I'm going to get people, and so I'm avoiding thinking about it.

Melanie Jacobson said...

I really need to set a gift limit but I can't. I like thinking about it all year long and then even though I find the perfect gift for everyone, I end up finding about for more I just HAVE to give too. I should probably start stripping on the side or something so we can afford this.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I don't ever even think about Christmas gifts until after Thanksgiving. And I don't mean those crazy sales. I avoid those like the plague. I wait, and then I buy a whole lot less. Works great. And I always buy decorations only after Christmas, when they are 75% off, at least!