Oct 19, 2010


(These are not pet peeves, because it's not like I feed them or take them for walks, and therefore they do not earn the title of "pet".)

Plain Milk:
I like chocolate milk, and strawberry milk, and milk shakes, and Milky Ways and I like to cook with milk.  But drinking plain old milk all by itself?  BLECK.  Yes, I do realize this makes me look juvenile.  No, I don't mind looking juvenile.  And if you're going to make me gag down a glass of milk, you better make it skim so it's not all thick and grody.  And also, you should include lots of cookies, because that would probably help.

Lady Cramps:
Honestly, there's no need to embelish on this topic.

Loud Jets That Fly Over My House Really Low Just to Freak Me Out:
Why do they have to do that?  Why so low?  You know what my brain automatically thinks of when I hear them?  Air Raids.  Like how in Englad they had all those bombings and so everyone had to send their kids away to live in the country so they wouldn't die.  That's what it makes me think of.  Except that I'm hearing jets and not those huge bombers they used to fly around.  But still.  I think of bombs.  There is NO NEED for really loud jets to fly low over my house and make me think of bombs.  Have they no consideration for my feelings?

As if the older Barney shows weren't obnoxious enough, now they show it in a colored frame in which the colors change throughout the show.  Because I guess if you get bored of watching the actual show, you can just focus on the changing colors since THAT is so much more entertaining.

They had no angel wings in the entire store this morning, which is maddening since I decided I want to dress Number Four as an agel for Halloween but I really don't want to create my own wings and/or spend a fortune to get them elsewhere.  What kind of world do we live in that Walmart doesn't carry something as simple as angel wings?!!

I hate being all sensible and grown-up-ish.  I really wanted to dress Two Bits and Opie as Buffy and Spike to go Trick-or-Treating.  I even spent weeks talking them into the idea.  But now that they've finally concented I feel all guilty forcing them to forget their Halloween ideas and go with my costume plans.  The guilt was particularly strong this morning, while at the cursed Walmart, and I caved and bought an Iron Man costume for Opie.  So much for Spike and Buffy.  I was even going to bleach Opie's hair and paint his nails black in true Spike fashion.   *sigh*


LisAway said...

Agreed about plain milk. Even your reflections on why choose skim milk (although I have NO PROBLEM with chocolate milk that's a thick and grody). But I like it on cereal and with pancakes and cookies or brownies, like you mention. But milk with dinner!?! That's just ridiculous.

I was shocked to read about the lack of angel wings. I've decided I don't really want to move back to America after all.

This post was super funny, although I realize you were being perfectly serious the whole time.

Kristina P. said...

I used to have a serious milk problem. I drank it ALL THE TIME in college. Now, I only drink skim.

Barbaloot said...

I love Spike. So much.

Plain milk is also good with pizza. I don't like chocolate milk. Too thick.

Also, I really love Spike.

Tammy said...

I love plain milk, call me odd.

I couldn't agree with you more about the new Barney. Even the intro song has changed, its all hip-hop and makes me feel like dancing, um not. The colored screen is irritating. Can't they just make it fit the screen???

Claire said...

I love your blog layout! Cute!

Also, Barney is of the devil.

Alison Wonderland said...

Milk is the best drink ever. you are crazy.

The Motherboard said...

I LOVE your new layout! YUM!

Plain milk with Pizza is the only way to go.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Skim is just kind of like milky water, which is why I don't like it. I totally feel you on being a grownup though. It sucks rocks.

RhondaLue said...

plain milk (without a side of brownies, cookies, or in cereal) makes me want to vomit. Only skim-and only with chocolate. Period.

Our walmart had STACKS of angel wings for kids and adults, but no kid sized vampire cape. STUuuuuuUuupid! Had to spend $20 at a costume place. LAME-O!

Also, my boys will be an army guy and a vampire. Because I talked them into it. SCORE! (no guilt here!)