Oct 27, 2010

forty-two gumball movie parents

I have the number forty-two stuck in my head.  I don't know why.  And what normal person has a number stuck in their head for no good reason?!  Honestly.
Yet, here I am, thinking, "Forty-two, forty-two,  forty-two,  forty-two,  forty-two..."

It could be the crazy pills.

I paired them with caffeine tonight.

It's like a party in my brains. 

(I typo-ed the 's' on 'brain', then fixed it, then decided that it looked better in the plural sense, even though, technically speaking, it's wrong, or I just have more than one brain, I'm not really sure these days, to tell you the truth.)

You know what else?

I have a thing for gumballs.

The thing is, I really like them. 

Not enough that I force Husband on evening runs to the corner grocery store just for some (like I do with m&m's).  But when I see a gumball, all I can think is, "Gumball, gumball, gumball, gumball, gumball, gumball, gumball..."  until I pop it in my mouth, chew it for 2 seconds until the flavor is gone and then spit it in the trash.

It's a compulsion, I tell you.  A gumball compulsion.


I called an eye dr in another state this morning, because I woke up really really angry.  (Also thanks to the crazy pills.)  I decided that the Lord of the Dance is taking WAY TOO LONG scheduling my surgery.  So yeah,  I called a new dr.  Because it's going to be SO MUCH EASIER having surgery in another state....

You know how movie parents are always saying "funny" cliche phrases that are usually used in other situations but are so much more "funny" because it came out of a parent's mouth?  I've turned into one of those parents.  (You can also substitute "annoying" for "funny", if you so desire.)

Earlier I heard Two Bits and Opie smacking each other.  So I called them into the room and told them that if they wanted to smack each other around they could go ahead and do it, "right here, right now". 

Opie seriously considered it - I could see his little Opie brain going, thinking of multiple karate moves, no doubt.  Then Two Bits ran screaming to her room.  So it pretty much ended up being a rousing success in the whole parenting department.

And then later as Monkey was doing his regular, "But I need to find something!!"  routine that gets him out of bed 50 billion times, I kept having to yell stuff like, "Drop the block!  DROP IT MISTER!!"  and "Just back away slowly..."

I think with lines like these I could totally be in a movie.




Barbaloot said...

How on earth does somebody get a number stuck in their head? That is random and definitely a result of crazy pills I'd think...

Hope things get figured out with your surgery!

cc said...

Well, your posts written on crazy pills are pretty darn funny, so there's that :)

What did the other doc say?

Jen said...

Did you read the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy? That number is the answer to life, the universe and everything. It probably just means you have it all figured out.

Melanie Jacobson said...

So glad Jen explained about 42. Now you know.