May 13, 2010

monkey eyes

Monkey's eye surgery went well today.  The Dr sliced off, and then re-attached, a muscle.  Sounds gruesome, right?  It kind of is, if you think about it.  But we're really glad we have a good Dr with natural eyeball muscle slicing abilities.  'Cause she's great.

I do have to say that he handled this whole eye surgery business much better when he was one.  Now that he's all smart and talky he just keeps yelling, "My eye hurts!!!!"  And then kicks his legs around.  But having had surgery on my eye a few months ago I am VERY MUCH MORE sympathetic towards him.  Because after my surgery I wanted to do the same thing - instead I just whined a lot.

He refused to open his eyes for dinner tonight.  Even though we made pancakes especially for him.  He just sat in his chair blindly jabbing his plate with his round-tipped fork, hoping he could snag a piece of pancake.  It was pretty successful until the end when only a few scattered pieces were left.  So Two Bits would spear them and hand Monkey the fork.  She's such a good sister.

I think the highlight of the whole day was right before the surgery.  Not only because Monkey was pain-free and happy then.  But because they gave him something to drink that really helped him "relax."  I love how they use the word "relax" when they should really say, "And now we're going to get your 3 year old TOTALLY HIGH."

Once it started kicking in he began slumping really low.  He refused to lay down, so he was basically folded onto his own lap.  And he got intensely interested in his hands.  Like they were the coolest things he had ever seen.  So I helped him explore his fingers while he intermittently giggled. 

Then the Dr came over to his bedside and said, "Hey Monkey, are you ready?!"  And he slowly looked up at her from his slumped, hand discovering, position with big puckered duck lips.  It was definitely one of those "it was funnier in person" things, but it had us all cracking up.  Then we told him they were taking him in a rocket ship to the moon and that we loved him and would see him later.  And that's when the fun stopped. 

But he's a tough kid, and he's doing pretty good.  And I don't mind listening to him yell, "My eye hurts!!!" over and over while I massage his legs and hold ice packs to his face.  Because I know - it really hurts.  Plus I kind of love the kid, so giving him extra attention doesn't seem too hard.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Ahh, poor monkey! Eyes are so sensitive. I remember when my three year old had to have tubes put into his ears--it is pretty funny when they drug 'em up but when they come out of it--scary!

Heather said...

Poor little guy!

Cynthia said...

Awh man! Poor Monkey! And poor Mama too- it's probably even more traumatic for you than it is for him. I hope his eye stops hurting soon.

Side note- can't wait to meet you at the CBC in 2 weeks.

LisAway said...

I love this glimpse into your life, with sister helping poor brother and boy being drugged to giggles. :) I hope his eye heals well and soon! Having your own eye surgery was good for more than just fixing your eye after all!

Barbaloot said...

Poor kid. I'm glad he was able to get the surgery. Hopefully he recovers fast!!

RhondaLue said...

Good heavens...I cant even imagine. POOR MONKEY!!!

I'm having the hardest time just gettin antibiotic drops in Ash's eye to treat the pinkeye that has made the rounds TWO times the past couple weeks. It's like trying to bathe a cat. fo' realsies. :/

Hope he feels better soon!

That Girl said...

Too sweet - so glad that it went well!

I love pre-surgery kids. You should have totally filmed it. It's great future wedding fodder.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Oh I so hope that his eye is feeling better. Our little guy may need surgery on his eye muscles soon as well. Not something we are looking forward to, for sure.