Jul 8, 2011

so I moved

It's about time, but here I am in Utah.

In a house built in 1938.

Remember that rule I had about not living in an old house? Yeah, I never get what I want.

Besides possibly being haunted, old houses smell weird, and can be dirty/grungy. At least, our house seems to possess all three of those qualities.

And my kids love that they can communicate by yelling through the enormous vents.

But they're not loving the bug-infested basement, in which they all sleep, in a big room that isn't technically a bedroom, because the bedrooms are tiny.

And also, I am without a computer because old house + massively energy sucking electronics = pfffffft.

Yay for moving. Really. woo. hoo.


Wonder Woman said...

ACK!!!!!! You're HEEEEEERE!!!!!! Where are you? I will bring my kids to play/keep your kids distracted and bring bug-killing spray and febreze.

Rachel, are you with me?

Lani Wendt Young said...

Just discovered your blog - LOVE IT. So glad I stumbled across it in the blogiverse. Thank you for some great reading.

Kristina P. said...

You need to come to Annie's farewell party on Tuesday!!

Barbaloot said...

Welcome to Utah! And I'm with Kristina---go to the farewell party!

TisforTonya said...

Old houses also... ummm... have lots of... character? potential? ummm... okay - I'm not a realtor I can just drop it - If you'd moved to the FUN part of Utah I'd bring you over a nicely scented candle... but alas, you're up North with all the multitudes of other bloggers who are already inviting you to parties that I can't come to (seriously... it couldn't have been THURSDAY - I'll be there on Thursday)

Enjoy the large vent/communication system... the kids will stop loving it so much when they realize that means they can no longer claim "I didn't hear you mom"...

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I LOVE old houses except for the reasons you mentioned. My parents home is a 200 year old 3 story farm house that my brother and I now own. Know there is at least ONE ghost, and the creatures that have gotten in before are bats, and owls and lots of wasps, and mice and and and. Good luck to you tho as I know you will make the best of it.

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veronica said...

It's high time you showed up here in Zion! Let's do lunch.

Rachel Sue said...

I am indeed with Alyssa. Where did you guys end up? Yes. Get settled. Or need a break. And let's totally get together.