Jul 13, 2011

I didn't want to look at my walls anyway

Yesterday we opened the box that contained everything we hang on our walls.  In the past that would have been one of the first things I unpack; you know, making our new place feel like home, and all that, blah blah blah.  But with this move it just didn't seem important.

There are two reasons to my decorating apathy:  a) I'm still not really liking this house and b) we're tired of looking at the same decorations we've had for the past decade.

Honestly, our wall decor really isn't that bad.  Some of it isn't even that old.  And a few things are actually pretty cool.  But I'm just SO BORED with it.  You know what I mean?  But it's not like I can throw it all away and start over. (Did I ever mention that our rent here is like 150% higher than our last house?  Because it is.  So paying for actual walls is taking up any budget to get new wall decor.)

Thus brings me to rental complaint #72691.3 - we are not allowed to paint our walls.

I like renting in this economy.  Really, truly, I do.  But painting opens up all new options to walls, CHEAP options, and I'm missing out, dangit.

Take for example our bathroom.  I got here to discover that it was covered in black mildew.  (Yes, EEEEEW.)  So the landlord had it painted on monday.  And he could have authorized the use of wall stencils so that the bathroom looked like this:

photo found here

But nooooooo, you know what color he had it painted?  YELLOW.  In a bathroom.  You want me to tell you what a yellow bathroom makes me think about?  Do I have to say it?  PEE.  He had it painted URINE YELLOW.

I am, however, day-dreaming of the day when I'm allowed to slather whatever I want on a wall.  I think I would do this in my bedroom:

photo found here

And somewhere in my house, I would like to have a polka-dot wall.  Just for the sake of being able to have a polka-dot wall.

photo found here
Alas, for now, we're stuck looking at our same old decorations.  On our boring pee colored walls.


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Kristina P. said...

I like yellow for kitchens. We also painted our laundry room yellow. Yeah, the bathroom, not so much.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I agree... CAN the yellow in the bathroom (no pun intended). I have had bare walls for a few months now because when everything came down to paint didn't want to put back up.....:o( NEED new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Our main bathroom has yellow walls. Painted by my own hands. What can I say? It makes it so I don't feel the need to clean it as often (everything just blends together, so I can pretend it's all just paint).

My choice for the name of the stencil: circles broken up with little rectangles. I'm awesomely creative.

TisforTonya said...

we have a yellow bathroom. bright. obnoxious. Pooh Bear Yellow.

I hated it when ManOfTheHouse brought it home, but he wanted to pick the color and I just... well, didn't argue...

I'll repaint soon...

can you do that trick with the fabric and liquid starch on the walls? it goes up pretty easy and is completely removable (or so I've heard) you could get some awesome color on the walls that way!!!