Jul 22, 2011

probably the only time I'll write about pop culture

I don't pay much attention to pop-culture-y type things.  I'm usually too busy worrying about ghosts or m&m's or how long it takes for an avocado to go bad.  But sometimes I pay a teensy bit of attention to, you know, the rest of the world.

Especially the important things.

Like, why is Shiloh Jolie-Pitt always dressed like a boy?

Or, have the aliens come for Tom Cruise yet?

But what's really been troubling me lately is Prince William's bald spot.

I didn't watch the royal wedding, or really paid much attention to anything with the royal family.  But there are pictures ALL OVER the place about it, so finally I relented and looked at a bunch.

Remember when Prince William was a teenager and the entire population of teenage girls across the world thought he was divinely attractive?

Remember that?

Well, I just want to know one thing - WHAT HAPPENED?!

Now he's just a half-bald, big toothed, goob.

And, I ask you, if one of the most well-known royals of the world can't find a hair replacement treatment that works, what chance does the rest of the world have?

Moving on to another head related crisis, there was one prominent theme I noticed while looking at all of those royal wedding pictures and I am seriously concerned with European debutantes' choice in head wear. 

I'm actually a fan of the hat.  Even on the side of gaudy, I have no qualms with hats.  But there is a point -that has been deeply surpassed- in which a hat should NEVER EVER go.



And don't you think that this would be just a tad awkward:

Apparently there is more truth to the phrase "mad as a hatter" than I always thought.  

And this concludes the one time that I actually write about pop-culture.  Possibly I'll touch on the subject again once the aliens really do come and take Tom Cruise away.


Kristina P. said...

See, you do follow pop culture!

Lani Wendt Young said...

Laughing at the stupid hats. And yes i do remember admiring the Prince from a distance..so handsome, so full of promise! (sigh) I NEVER follow pop culture either. EVER. However can i make one teensie teensie comment on the Royal Wedding? How p**** off would I be if i were the bride and all the world could talk about was my little sister's hot butt in her bridesmaids dress?! What the heck is that? did u know theres even a FB fan page devoted to the womans ass? Just goes to show you that men are .... reeeeallly (stupid)into Pop Culture.

Anonymous said...

I think it is some kind of weird tradition to wear strange hats for British weddings. the more important the wedding the more insane the "hat." I forget where I read that. There is even a name for it, but darned if I can remember what that is called either. So much fun to see! LOL

Emmy said...

Yes those hats were awful! And I saw the best post once that showed pictures of William and his bride on the wedding day compared to Cinderella when she got married-looks the same-- and the two step-sisters-wearing the same colors as the step sisters in the Disney movie!! Hilarious!!

elesa said...

I haven't opened Google reader in over a month. But I just happened to today and yours is one of the top of the list and here I am 30 minutes later still reading your stuff. Thanks for making me laugh. And I can not stop giggling about Prince William. Now every time I see a picture of him I will think of him as a big toothed goob. I can't even write that without laughing.