May 9, 2011

my wardrobe

You know the show “What Not to Wear”?  Is it still on tv?  We haven’t had cable for a millennia, so I’m really sure.  What I am sure of is that it’s one of the scariest shows of all time.  Those people break into your closet and STEAL ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES.  It’s like televised robbery.  And the scariest part - my family has been threatening to make me go on the show for years.

Pretty much,  I dress like a derelict buffoon that only has one color-blind eye and probably two different lengths of arms.  Or, in other words, I’m sitting here in overly-holey jeans and a sweatshirt that has Tweety Bird on it.  (If it helps my case at all, I refuse to wear this shirt in public…unless it’s just the school……or the grocery store around the corner….or sometimes I don’t even care and wear it where ever I want.)

But lately, what with the move coming up and more social opportunities on the horizon, I keep thinking about getting myself a better wardrobe.  Possibly I should care a teensy little bit how the outside world perceives my clothes……maybe.  So that way, when I’m trying to come off as something like a regular human being or whatever, people will take me seriously instead of staring at my kneecaps because my jeans are hanging by threads.

So I found this great website that has some clothes that aren’t overly mom-ish, but not like I’m trying to look like an 80’s punk.  Because I’m kind of at a stage where I don’t feel old, but I’m reeeeally not going to dress like a teenager.

And this website is even having a “Spring Blowout Sale” right now, which pretty much means I should act on this whole new-wardrobe impulse RIGHT NOW.  And also (because I really like you, and your awesome) I’ll share some super secret insider information that I have about said blowout – if you spend $50 during the sale, you’ll get a $10 coupon code to use later.  And if there’s one thing I love, it’s the excuse to go buy more stuff.  (Husband doesn’t so much love this about me.)

So who knows, next time you see me, I might be wearing something like this:

….or I might just show up in my bright yellow, over-sized t-shirt that says “Heartbreak U, Scooby Doo”.

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Barbaloot said...

Love What Not to Wear! If you go on that show I will totally watch your episode:)

Andrea said...

Super cute! I also love that show. I hope I don't dress awful though! Sometimes I secretly want to dress really bad for two weeks just to see if I could get advice from Clinton and Stacey!

JamericanSpice said...

I'd like to watch that show. I've seen it a few times.

Me. I totally need a warddrobe makeover.

Everything I has is black and drab! ugh.

Luvin My Lil Monkeys said...

Holy Shiz!, I'm now following you! I love the way you write, the attitude you give off it makes it even more fun to read! Love it!

MoMomma said...

I just rebroadcast this for you!
And I'm your newest follower!