May 19, 2011

it's a cage

I have a headache in my eyeball...and also, you know, in my head. 

I hate these kinds of headaches because I don't know if they are just ye typical precursor to migraines or  horrible spike in glaucoma pressure pains.  Either way - my eyeball hurts. 

And so does my head.


The neighbors on the corner are building some kind of trailer on the side of the street.  Except we're not really sure exactly what it is because it has walls and a door and windows.  And wheels - but just two.

First they built the walls out of metal rail thingies, and then attached wooden studs to them.  Basically this thing looks like a big cage. 

Which is exactly what I'm telling my kids it is.

Every time we see it, I say, "Hey look Opie, they're working on your cage!  Are you ready to move in?  I think they're almost done."  But none of my kids believe me when I say they're going to have to live in it.  So today, when I was walking Opie home from the bus stop I was going to ask the neighbors if it was really a cage, you know, to prove that I wasn't lying.  Except that when we got closer Opie was yelling, "NO!  Don't ask that, Mom!  NOOOOO!!"  And I couldn't really have a conversation with cage makers over all of that yelling. 

So the kids will just have to keep taking my word for it.

It's a cage.


So I haven't mentioned it for awhile -because I figure I have the button on my sidebar, plus now I have a page with a link right under my header- but you should really go read my magazine.  Because it's awesome.  And stuff.

Ok, I think my eyeball is really going to explode. 

I think I may need to go drug myself to sleep now.  Because that's pretty much the only sleep I get these days, seeing as my over-active imagination hates the dark and sometimes my stereo gets possessed at 2AM.


Jenny P. said...

I really want you to ask your neighbors because I really want to know why anyone would build a trailer looking cage in their front yard. A chicken coup maybe?

My kids never believe me when I tell them I'm going to make them sleep in the backyard. I'm totally serious. As soon as it's warm enough, I am absolutely going to make them. JUST so they know I'm a woman of my word.

Wonder Woman said...

I H.A.T.E. the eyeball headaches. Mine are always migraines since I don't have freaky eyes. Sorry you were in pain. Hope it's subsided.

And cage people are just one more reason to move to Utah. We don't have crazy people building things like that here. Well, maybe in Payson, but not in the more civilized north.

Heidi said...

I am always very impressed with your magazine. Er, your awesome magazine. Maybe the cage is for a horse. Horse trailers have doors and windows and two wheels. Maybe the sheet metal will go up soon and then you'll know.