Mar 9, 2011

the secret karate weapon

Opie is the fastest, strongest kid in his karate class.  He beats all the other kids when they run, hang from bars or when they're paired up to do the little kid equivalent of sparring.  He pretty much rocks the whole class.

Well, almost.

Twice a week he meets his nemesis - the one person who can take him down.  Every time they spar he gets his butt kicked by a tiny little Asian GIRL.

Obviously we can't let this slide.

So I figured if his little nemesis was going to pull out the unfair advantage of being Asian (all Asians are genetically proven to be better at martial arts - honestly, science says so) that we could pull out our own secret weapon:

I'm calling it the KICK-BUTT-PONYTAIL.

Because you know any man sporting a ponytail better also be able to KICK BUTT.

Husband usually takes him to class and then gives me a full report afterwards.  So I guess we'll find out if the secret weapon worked, or if ponytails have no chance against Asian genes.


Kristina P. said...

Wow. He's practically Steven Segal.

Corine said...

LOl - everything! (in a good way!!) Your title attracted me here. I just have to say, I like your style. ;)

PS Cute kid! :D I'm a mormon mommy who blogs, too. :D

Melanie Jacobson said...

It would probably work even better if you sprinkle little bits of Chuck Norris's beard over his breakfast every morning.

Barbaloot said...

I definitely don't wanna mess with that kid!

Jen said...

What a cutie. His cuteness should totally disarm her!

LisAway said...

It works for Steven Seagal! (yes I realize K already mentioned him, but I wanted to say it before I read her comment.)

Let us know how that goes.

Lori Barnett said...

eeeek! HOW the heck are you woman!!!! Long time no hear, no see, no nuttin' ;) Looks like you have a blog full of fun stuff. Now to find an extra 10 hours to read through it :)

Rachel said...

haha - kick butt ponytail is awesome! Love it.