Mar 1, 2011

a new Barrel and a bunch of GIVEAWAYS

Zippidy-do-da!  The March issue of The Barrel is out!  And it comes with some really great articles and guess what else?  SUPER GIVEAWAYS.  Seriously....look below.  Tons of giveaways.  (And these are only the ones I'm mentioning on my blog - wait until you see the other half.)

But don't just skip to the giveaway section of the magazine, because the rest of it is really cool too.  (And I'm not even saying that because I'm promoting my magazine and would call it cool even if it was total crap.)


Barbaloot said...

I read it and I liked it and I'm putting it on my blog soon:)

Sheila Rae said...

I am your newest follower. So excited to be featured in The Barrel this month :)


Alice Wills Gold said...

Too late. It's a really bad day when I miss like 10 giveaways in the same day.