Mar 24, 2011

ooooooooh, oooh, oooh, ooooooooh, GUESS WHAT?!!

You know how I have that magazine?  (Well, that magazine that's only partly mine that I'm always calling "my magazine"?)  We have made some changes and now it's even more AWESOME!

'tis the truth.

We tweaked our name so that we are now calling ourselves "The Barrel of Blogs".  And we're no longer shunning online social media.  AND best of all - we have whole new site and now we're PRETTY.  (Because, uh, yeah, that wordpress blog we were linking all our issues from - - BLECKKGHSDJHGKSDJN KKD - - that's me throwing up.)

So yeah.  Check out our new site (you'll need to resubscribe if you had signed up for the old site), like us on facebook, join us on twitter, basically come bask in our awesomeness.  (Did that come out too vain?  Or more proud-parent-like?  Because I'm not sure which one I was going for.)


LisAway said...

I'm ALL OVER THAT! Excellent!

Barbaloot said...

Looks really good! I'm excited I get to be a part of the magazine:)

RhondaLue said...

Imma go find you on FB now! COOLIO!