Mar 17, 2011

Barrel Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered The Barrel giveaways.  I think you're all studs.  And studettes.  Mostly studettes.  Did any guys enter the giveaways?  Because then I would think you're all just studettes, and no studs whatsoever.

Thanks to we have some winners:

Sea & Aster's $25 hanging terrarium was won by Kasey.

House of Darkly's 20% off coupon code was won by Irene.

Izzy's Attic free tutorial is going to Melissa.

A super awesome MissyB crochet pattern was won by Carly.

A free SNIS keychain or bracelet goes to Brooke.


Yellow Heart Art's free 8x10 print was won by That Girl.

Congrats everyone!  I'll pass along your email addresses to the Etsy shop owners!

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