Mar 17, 2011

the green post of required celebrating

Since I pretty much have been ignoring Saint Patrick's Day I figured I might as well post something about it so I can get out of doing anything else and still count it as "celebrating the holiday".

And now I'm going to talk about something Saint Patrick's-ey...

...on the subject of green, since that is the official color of the day:

Green Day.

As in, the band.

Green Day has always been one of my favorite bands because I can sing along to pretty much all of their songs.  This is not because I have an excellent memory for Green Day lyrics, but rather because the lead singer slurs all his words together so badly that all you have to do to sing along is mumble along to the tune.

I am an excellent tune mumbler.

I have no idea what half of their songs are about.

But I still love them.

And they are called GREEN Day, thusly filling my quota of Saint Patrick's Day celebrating.

I assume this will also excuse me from wearing green as well....seeing as I haven't been all day.


Wonder Woman said...

Thanks for making me chuckle. I also love Green Day and I mumble along, too. I'm still laughing over this filling your St. Patrick's quote.

You're awesome.

Melanie Jacobson said...

My husband, the music snob (he loves indie bands), hates Green Day. I, however, know the lyrics to all the songs that come on their radio, even the songs that I probably shouldn't (Flag Pole Sittah, anyone?) and I sing them loudly. Because I can't really sing, but I can sing at least as well as Billy Joe.

elesa said...

You crack me up. thanks.

T said...

hahaha - I organized my music shelves a few days ago and found all my old Green Day CDs... next year we're celebrating St Patricks day the right way... well, assuming I don't misplace them again by then...