Oct 17, 2009


No, it's not 1 AM and NO, I'm posting on my blog about nothing in particular. This is all just a dream....

You are feeling very sleeeeeepy......

Ok, so really I'm being fueled by a bottle of Diet Coke (with lime) a couple handfuls of M&Ms.

Also, I'm a night owl.

Also, I'm really going to hate myself in the morning when I have to get up early to make cookies to take to Super Saturday where I signed up to make a craft, in which I have to finish in time to head over to the pumpkin patch with my kids and in-laws, in which doesn't involve a nap at any point of the day.

Hey, did you know that it's perfectly normal to have running dialogue going inside your head at all times?


I read it in a book today.

Well, I read something kind of like that in a book today. And it was a psychology book, so it's totally true.

However it never mentioned anything about bursting into laughter at seemingly nothing when you think that the conversation in your head has turned into something of a gut buster.

So - eye surgery. It's gonna happen. But I can't tell you when, because I don't know. Because guess who doesn't want to have the old fashioned 'standard' surgery? ME. Because, guess what? Just because I have glaucoma doesn't make me 85 years old and I need options man!

And so my eye surgeon is 'discussing' things with the head of probably the biggest health insurance company in the state to see if they'll cover the procedure I want to get. Because it's a new-ish kind of surgery and you know how much insurance companies hate progress.

This same eye surgeon called like 57 other Drs around the country (and Canada) to get opinions on the best option for my disease. Ok, it was more like 5-7 Drs. But one of them was actually in Canada. Because this is what happens when you have a rare form of an old people disease combined with a good surgeon who actually cares what will happen to your eyes.

'Tis pretty cool.

Well, not as cool as if I never had the disease in the first place. But you know.

Speaking of diseases, I have officially diagnosed myself with a disease that disables a person's ability to understand numbers. And we're not just talking Calculus. I can't even remember my debit pin number or if I got married on December 21st or 22nd.

This official disease diagnosis is called: IDIOCY.

I wonder if I can get disability benefits now? Or maybe they make some really good drugs to treat my condition - hopefully something that involves weight loss and nose shrinkage.

Or quite possibly I just need to go to bed....


Emmy said...

You should write more posts in the middle of the night :)
I always have running conversations going in my head too.. and laughing out loud, yep I've done it a few times.
Hopefully the surgery goes through

Merrianne said...

ha ha! i can totally relate to this whole post :)
atleast i know there is someone out there who thinks like i do i nthe middle of the night :)

Barbaloot said...

Ah yes-I have heard of this thing called idiocy. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but it does rear its ugly head quite frequently.

Chief said...

Good luck with the eye surgery drama! I hope it goes well and your Dr. sounds great!

RhondaLue said...

I always laugh at what goes on in my head in the middle of a quiet place...out loud. Like church. Not good.
I have that same disease! Not glaucoma but the idiocy disease! IT's ok. we're blessed with other things. :) lol

Rachel Sue said...

Um, yeah. I'm known to randomly bursting out into laughter. . .

That's great that you have such a concerned doctor.

R Max said...

I do this at night too. Good to know I'm in good company.