Oct 9, 2009

is it that time of the month again?

Sometimes Monkey gets in these moods where he must constantly destroy.

You know how Mother Nature comes calling every month, turning you into a menstruating, cramping zit-faced monster?

Monkey is kind of like that. Minus the whole menstruating thing (and zits...and probably cramps.)

It's like once a month someone comes in and replaces my semi-crazy two year old with a psychotic mass of destruction equal to the force of 37 out of control robots times 90 mile per hour gale force winds.

I can always tell it's coming. I can see it in his eyes.

Also things start getting destroyed, which is a pretty obvious indicator.

It's too bad a bottle of Midol and some super plus tampons will do nothing for this. When are they going to create "Crazy Monkey of Destruction" pills? It would help if they came in chewable form although I'm not opposed to intravenous doses either (instant results - that would be pleasant.)


Chief said...

So I have a theory.

Does his time of the month, coincide with yours? Maybe it's just you?

Just sayin' ~wink~

Emmy said...

"See it in his eyes" ahh yes, I have used to this expression many times.
I hate that look.

RhondaLue said...

oh they do have those pills..
cept it's in liquid form. In a dropper. The bottle says melatonin but it sure helps calm the destruction. ;)

wonder woman said...

Honestly, I've heard it's the full moon. I have a friend (who I would NEVER guess to be a crazy person) who swears the full-moon affects her children's behavior. Has it been the past week? Sunday was a full moon.

Barbaloot said...

Ah-I'd would much rather have a once-a-month destructive phase than the other alternative:)

Jaron and Michelle said...

Cough Syrup could be your answer