Oct 15, 2009

happy happy (with a side of migraine)

Guess who is the happiest person on the planet who, although currently has a raging migraine, just found out that season 5 of the Office is now viewable online on Netflix and has been DYING to watch Jim and Pam's wedding but won't allow herself to watch any of the Office episodes out of order and therefore thought she had to sufferably wait for the standard one DVD at a time shipping method of Netflix watching before ever finally arriving at the current season's shows because it took her much much too long to discover that the Office is the most hilarious show in the universe?

That would be me.

Raging migraine aside.

As a side note, check out my Etsy shop. You surely won't be disappointed. Unless, that is, you aren't looking for really awesome baby hats and/or Christmas photo cards. Which everyone is, right? RIGHT?!

Now onto the Office.


Barbaloot said...

Happy for you! And that's got to be the longest one-sentence paragraph I've ever read on a blog:)

Heather said...

So this is entirely unrelated to your blog post, but I'm looking at the picture of number four down there and I think she looks EXACTLY like you when you were that age. SO cute. And Two Bits is SO grown up. I can't believe this much time has passed. Before you know it we'll be our parent's age. ACK! haha.

MommyJ said...

Oh, how I love the office. In a major, laugh out loud, think Jim looking at the camera is the funniest thing ever on the planet kind of way.

Hope you enjoy your viewing!

Rachel Sue said...

We didn't discover the office until after season 3 was over. We had to catch up by borrowing my cousins box sets. (Which was wonderful, because I think I watched every episode at least twice. Soooo funny.)

RhondaLue said...

Office rocks. My fav was when Michael "marked" his date with a marker line on her arm becuase he couldn't tell her apart from the other girl. BA HA HA almost peed my pants on that one!